SD-WAN Secure Co-Managed: Visibility and control plus expert support

Shared network management responsibilities

The best of both worlds with a co‑managed SD‑WAN solution

The SD-WAN market has traditionally offered a binary choice when it comes to network services. Either you take a do-it-yourself approach, tackling installation, maintenance, and daily management using your own IT staff, or you opt for the fully managed service, paying the provider to handle everything for you. Why not get the best of both worlds?

With a co-managed solution, you can maintain more control and share in more of the management responsibilities. Many companies want to offload SD-WAN responsibilities, but they are bound by compliance rules and regulations that require them to retain direct control over the network. In this case, co-management is necessary, where IT leaders can relieve their team of the time-consuming administrative tasks, while still having the ability to make changes to SD-WAN policies and configurations when necessary.

Service management: Control and convenience

Allow your IT organization to share the work of managing your business, network, and firewall policies. Beyond standard configurations, you can customize rules to meet your specific network and application requirements. You'll get the keys to our management portal, where the SD-WAN Orchestrator’s self-service controls allow you to drive changes to network and security policies, all with end-to-end visibility into performance.

Network visibility and control

  • Access all the same control features that Masergy uses to administer and provision the WAN service–you have total control
  • Actively manage your network’s SD-WAN rules, firewall policies, and security profile configurations
  • Get real-time visibility across all applications, locations, and WAN links all around the world

Access to SD-WAN experts

  • Masergy’s own NOC provides 24/7 monitoring and support for all Masergy SD-WAN Secure edge devices
  • Your IT teams are trained on how to use the SD-WAN portal to manage network and security policies
  • When you build trust with our SD-WAN service, it’s easy to migrate to a fully managed service

Flexible options

Co-managed services are available with these Masergy solutions:

  • SD-WAN Secure: Solutions run over Masergy’s global, private software-defined network or the public internet
  • SD-WAN Secure OTT: “Over the top” solutions use an internet-only connectivity strategy and allow you to bring your own network

State of SD-WAN Research Study

Altman Solon’s research study illustrates where businesses are in their journey to SD-WAN and SASE, revealing preferred approaches for network modernization.

  • Get the latest trends in adoption, benefits, selection criteria, and ROI
  • Explore how IT leaders use hybrid access to balance price and performance
  • Understand SASE knowledge gaps and why providers matter more now

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Built-in security capabilities

81% of IT leaders say security is their top factor in selecting SD-WAN. That’s why security features and services are embedded into every Masergy SD-WAN solution, meeting the key tenets of the SASE model. Three-tiered options include next-gen firewalls for superior perimeter protection and 24/7 SOC services that alleviate your team of monitoring and threat response. Plus you can enforce a consistent security policy across all SD-WAN devices and get security alert metrics within the SD-WAN management portal.

Choose the security service below that best matches your desired level of protection and support.

Service Unified Threat Protection Threat Monitoring & Response Managed Security Services
Next-generation firewall (NGFW) with UTP
Enhanced anti-malware, IDS/IPS, app control, web filtering, and DLP
Built-in AIOps, Shadow IT Discovery, and per-user WAN analytics
Log reporting and alerting
SOC Services: 24/7 monitoring and incident response
Cloud Security: AWS®, Azure®, CASB, Office 365™, 3rd party integration*
Security analytics: Machine learning and behavior analytics
Advanced IDS and raw packet capture
Network visibility (flow data)
Endpoint detection and response
Threat intelligence and hunting
Vulnerability scanning and management

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Self-service control in one portal: SD-Orchestrator

You only need one management portal to configure key networking functions, security policies, and performance-related tasks with real-time speed and precision. Inside the portal Masergy’s SD-WAN Orchestrator gives you self-service control to:

  • Add application-based routing rules to enhance application performance hosted either in the cloud or onsite
  • Configure all firewall and application control policies along with web and DNS filtering profiles to block cybersecurity threats
  • Make real-time moves, adds, changes or deletions (MACDs) related to Layers 4-7 on your SD-WAN deployment

Learn more about our sd-wan portal

Extend the benefits of SD-WAN to your remote workforce

for power users needing uncompromising connectivity from their home offices

for mobile knowledge workers needing secure access to corporate and cloud applications

Nervous about using SD-WAN services?

  • Need to make changes to non-networking functions related to your SD-WAN service? You have 24/7 access to Masergy’s support team.
  • Worried about Masergy’s responsiveness? You can track tickets in real time inside the SD-WAN management portal.
  • Wondering about the cost of the network changes you want to make? Masergy analysts provide you with full transparency, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Just need to TALK to someone? Call and speak directly with an analyst in the closest NOC.

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