One SD-WAN portal to manage everything

AI-powered analytics and on-demand control

A unified portal with real-time insights

Imagine not having to toggle between multiple dashboards to determine if your application is performing, your network is secure, or your bandwidth is optimized. Masergy gives you one management portal for end-to-end visibility and control. We embedded a layer of analytics and service controls into our global software-defined network for maximum insight in a single pane of glass. From the network and cloud applications to security and AIOps analytics, you will have the information you need to deliver benefits to the business. Plus, Masergy’s management portal is available on any desktop or mobile device, so you’ll have the agility to manage your IT infrastructure in the digital age.

Unified visibility

Analytics for network, UCaaS, WAN edge devices, and application performance

One portal with customizable dashboard views

Real-time information that matters most to you

Advanced controls

Scale your bandwidth instantly at any location—whether it’s a public or private link

Set bandwidth thresholds for specific applications that dynamically adjust

Mitigate network and cloud application performance issues with AIOps

Unmatched flexibility

View and filter traffic by application, port, protocol, IP address, and QoS service plane

Pre-schedule one-time and recurring network modifications

Pay only for the extra bandwidth used and for the specified time you used it

Self-service control: Masergy's SD-WAN Orchestrator

You only need one portal to configure key networking functions, security policies, and performance-related tasks with real-time speed and precision. Inside the portal, Masergy’s SD-WAN Orchestrator gives you self-service control to:

  • Add application-based routing rules to enhance application performance hosted either in the cloud or onsite
  • Configure all firewall and application control policies along with web and DNS filtering profiles to block cybersecurity threats
  • Make real-time moves, adds, changes or deletions (MACDs) related to Layers 4-7 on your SD-WAN deployment

AIOps: Optimize network and cloud applications with your virtual assistant

What if your network could automatically predict outages and help you prevent them? Masergy built AIOps into our software-defined network years ago, and now it’s embedded in the application layer where machine learning and predictive analytics are applied to the cloud apps and video conferencing tools running on Masergy’s global network. With direct access to more of the data needed for advanced performance optimization, AIOps forecasts bandwidth usage, predicts outages, and offers proactive recommendations to keep your network and apps performing at acceptable levels. And because AIOps is included in all Masergy SD-WAN offerings, every client has access to these insights and automations:

Gain deeper insights into applications driving the business

  • Receive a running inventory of applications in use
  • Get suggestions on how to optimize performance including Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics for your top apps

Accelerate application troubleshooting and management

  • Automatically monitor application service quality
  • Gain insights that isolate and identify the cause of performance degradation

Make data-driven decisions around resource allocation

  • Automatically monitor propensity for bandwidth consumption
  • Simplify policy and traffic management using propensity analysis

Prevent potential outages and performance degradation:

  • Automatically evaluate historic patterns of bandwidth consumption
  • Get predictions and real-time alerts on app bandwidth utilization and network outages


Per-user visibility and
control for SD‑WAN

Identity-based WAN analytics are built into Masergy's SD-WAN client portal, giving you detailed per-user statistics across all applications. Increase transparency by seeing exactly who the users are on your network—and what specific data and cloud applications they are accessing. Identity-based WAN Analytics provide the foundational visibility your business needs to build a secure, Zero-Trust network.

Get instant visibility into unknown apps with Shadow IT Discovery

Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN service includes a Shadow IT Discovery solution that automatically scans and identifies cloud-based SaaS applications running on your network.

  • Application usage analytics aid in prioritizing your remediation efforts
  • Risk scores classify the threat levels associated with each application
  • One-click blocking shuts off any unauthorized cloud apps and services

Need help restricting access and NetFlow data to your unauthorized apps? Check out Masergy’s Managed Security services.

End-to-end visibility for voice, video, and collaboration apps

With Unified Communications as a Service embedded in Masergy's network platform, you also gain visibility into your cloud communications. The management portal displays detailed statistics on voice call quality to help you to track down and resolve issues faster. Additionally, dashboard views include mean opinion scores (MOS) for all inbound and outbound calls over both our Cisco-based cloud calling and SIP trunking infrastructure to optimize your collaboration.

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