Better outcomes with better matching

Connect the right customer with the right agent using big data analytics

Match the right agent with the right customer seamlessly

Machine learning and big data analytics are the core of Masergy Predictive Routing powered by Cisco. Unlike traditional routing to the next agent in the queue, each interaction is evaluated based on customer history, past purchases, and more to match the customer to the agent who is best suited to meet their needs.

Improved outcomes

Drives the best pairing to meet the customer need

Faster access to the expertise to address the interaction

Reduce operational effort and focus on the customer

Optimized customer journey

Get your customers to the right agents faster

Align the best-suited agent to deliver the desired outcome

Delight your customer with personalized interactions

Enhanced agent experience

Match them to the best customer based on the predicted need

Empower them to personalize the experience

Improve customer and agent job satisfaction

Better outcomes with data-driven routing

Brand loyalty is hard to come by today and if your experience is not flawless and personal, you risk losing a customer. With predictive routing, we use intelligence to match the right customer with the right agent. As your interactions grow, so does the data and insight used to continually enhance the process. Masergy's Predictive Routing allows you to focus on your customer journey and personalized engagements while our solution provides the best matching.

Transforming the Customer Journey

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