Multi-Cloud Connectivity: simple and secure cloud performance

Direct connections to the cloud with 100% availability

Advance your cloud-first strategy

These days, every IT leader is building a multi-cloud environment, adding more cloud applications and cloud infrastructure services to support day-to-day operations. In that effort, you need a simple way to link your corporate WAN with an array of private and public cloud resources, and you won’t always want to accept the performance of the public internet to connect them. You also can’t ignore security.

Masergy Multi-Cloud Connectivity provides managed connections to the top cloud service providers and SaaS applications on demand. Coupled with Masergy Managed SD-WAN Secure solutions, our Multi-Cloud Connectivity can instantly deliver turnkey private or shared connections to your cloud infrastructure or applications. Transform your IT into a seamlessly interconnected, cloud-first environment with active-active connections and intelligent application routing.

Key features

Industry-leading performance

  • 100% service availability for cloud connections–it’s Masergy’s service level agreement
  • Connect to Microsoft® Azure®, Amazon® Web Services, and other top cloud providers
  • Direct access to an ecosystem of SaaS apps including SalesForce®, Box®, and Zendesk®

Fully managed service

  • 24/7 network service monitoring and management
  • Real-time analytics and self-service controls
  • Add-on security services for threat monitoring and response

Fast, scalable, secure

  • Virtual connections are provisioned quickly via the portal
  • Turn up and down connections easily
  • Unique in-path security with cloud firewalls and global routing from any site

Why you need direct cloud connections

As with any cloud application, the performance is only as good as the connection that supports it. When IT leaders rely on public internet connectivity to support cloud applications, availability and reliability can be compromised. Moving from a public internet connection to a private connection will have a profound impact on performance, ensuring user productivity.

Private direct cloud connections to Microsoft® Azure®, Amazon® Web Services, and other providers increase reliability, security, and agility when accessing cloud-based resources. Masergy strengthens cloud connections with a service-level agreement (SLA), so global clients get 100% service availability for cloud connections.

Simplify your cloud migration

Digital transformation initiatives commonly result in multi-cloud network environments. For instance, your company may have Microsoft 365 applications running on a Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure and an Oracle Cloud back end for your human resources and financial services. When custom line-of-business applications need to move off your aging on-premise servers or transition from your private data center into the cloud, the level of complexity becomes daunting.

Masergy Multi-Cloud Connectivity enables you to simplify cloud migration.

  • Turn up and down connections to IaaS and SaaS providers quickly using the client portal
  • Get 100% service availability for cloud connections with Masergy’s cloud SLAs
  • Gain real-time visibility and control over cloud services and applications
  • Reduce the complexity of having multiple sites connected to multiple cloud services in multiple ways

Active-active configurations for cloud efficiency

A key advantage of SD-WAN is the ability to automatically detect network conditions then route application traffic along an optimal route for a predictable level of performance. Masergy let’s you do that in the cloud. When you pair Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN Secure solutions with Multi-Cloud Connectivity, you can leverage active-active network configurations for cloud service providers, enhancing application performance. Masergy can also deliver optimized public routing for consistent and secure access to SaaS applications.

Don’t overpay for guaranteed cloud performance

Most network providers require their clients to purchase multiple direct connections when they want a 100 Mb guarantee to three different cloud services. Although those clients would never use 100% of that 100 Mb allocation 24/7, they are required to pay for three separate 100 Mb connections for each of the three cloud services. Masergy takes a different approach, enabling you to connect to multiple cloud service providers using a single 100 Mb connection. Leveraging 20 years of innovation in software-defined networking, we intelligently route traffic across a single circuit, so you don’t have to overpay for cloud performance.

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