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Visibility and monitoring for your multi-cloud environment

Turnkey managed cloud security

The rapid adoption of SaaS applications and cloud services has changed the security paradigm for the enterprise. Business managers are circumventing IT for cloud application provisioning, leaving data exposed. Cloud workloads spin up and down by the minute and often grow into the thousands, overwhelming security teams. Traditional tools and security approaches require manual processes, are prone to misconfiguration, and simply don’t scale for cloud environments. All of this forces security teams into reactive mode as they try to manage risks with ineffective “whack-a-mole” approaches using their existing security tools.

Masergy’s Cloud Security has the tools, analytics, and real-time monitoring you need to leverage the cloud with confidence. 

Cloud Workload Protection

Secure your migration to IaaS/PaaS

Reduce costs and liberate your in-house security and IT teams

Mitigate risk associated with the public cloud

Cloud Access Security Broker

CASB powered by Bitglass

Optimize your security budget and accelerate your SaaS strategy

Monitor and control data both at rest and in the cloud via APIs

Office 365 security monitoring

Gain visibility into your Microsoft® Office 365 security posture

Isolate malicious content

Thwart opportunities for data exfiltration

How to Secure IaaS & PaaS Effectively

Cloud Workload Protection

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