Protect multi-cloud environments with Cloud Security

Visibility and monitoring for your multi-cloud environment

Turnkey managed cloud security

The rapid adoption of SaaS applications and cloud services have changed the security paradigm for the enterprise. Business managers are circumventing IT for cloud application provisioning, leaving data exposed. Cloud workloads spin up and down by the minute and often grow into the thousands, overwhelming security teams. Traditional tools and security approaches require manual processes, are prone to misconfiguration, and simply don’t scale for cloud environments. All of this forces security teams into reactive mode as they try to manage risks with ineffective “whack-a-mole” approaches using their existing security tools.

Masergy’s Cloud Security has the tools, analytics, and security operations you need to leverage the cloud with confidence.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

  • CASB technology powered by Forcepoint
  • Optimize your security budget and accelerate your SaaS strategy
  • Monitor and control data both at rest and in the cloud via APIs

Office 365 Security Monitoring

  • Gain visibility into your Microsoft® Office 365 security posture
  • Isolate malicious content
  • Thwart opportunities for data exfiltration

Advanced Analytics Engine

Masergy’s Advanced Security Analytics engine ingests alerts from a wide variety of third-party tools for full visibility and builds a prioritized threat response plan using machine learning and behavioral analytics.

  • Accurate Evaluations: In addition to analyzing real-time data for active threat intelligence, the engine maintains historic data for extended time periods, allowing for more contextual retrospective analysis
  • Smarter with Time: Analyzing end users and applications, the engine evaluates traffic as it flows across the network, understanding normal patterns of behavior and triggering alerts when anomalies are detected
  • Automated Response: Tying many of the engine’s components together, SOAR technologies facilitate analysis and automate threat response applications, helping to accelerate the speed of containment and neutralization

How to Secure IaaS & PaaS Effectively

Detection & response with 24/7 management

Most companies struggle to staff their security operations. That’s why Masergy’s security solutions offer a fully managed SOC service with certified security analysts working 24/7.

  • Masergy’s own security teams operate out of North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Tenured analysts and industry-certified professionals work to resolve incidents
  • Mature incident response processes are guided by 20+ years of threat intelligence
  • Optional threat hunting capabilities are available

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Cover cloud, endpoint, and network security with one platform

Cloud protection is just one solution on Masergy’s menu. You can easily add endpoint security and network security services. Or, you can pair any security solution with Masergy SASE and SD-WAN offerings. Alternatively, Managed cloud security serves as a standalone solution.

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