Deeper network visibility — Faster threat mitigation

Network protection, detection, and response services

Secure networking is foundational for every modern business. When it comes to increasing your company’s security posture, network security is crucial because all threats generate observable events inside the network. Masergy delivers a turnkey network security solution, pairing advanced threat detection technologies with 24/7 incident response services. Now you can focus on running your business, rather than worrying about the next big cyber attack.

Mitigate threats fast with network protection tools

Stop attackers from leveraging your network to execute their kill chain. Masergy's comprehensive network controls and visibility tools enable an effective defense.

Network Traffic Analytics and IDS

  • Monitor traffic across your network for suspicious activity 
  • Take effective response actions to mitigate network-based threats

Network Visibility Tool

  • Leverage NetFlow data to identify suspicious activity
  • Enrich investigation capabilities with a complete network traffic history
  • Implement network alerting on high-risk use cases

Next-Gen Firewalls with Secure Web Gateway

  • Stop network threats by implementing application layer protection for IDS/IPS, app controls, URL filtering, and AV 
  • Deploy firewalls either in the cloud or on-premise for flexibility
  • Simplify policy management using Masergy’s unified portal

Advanced Analytics Engine

Masergy’s Advanced Security Analytics engine ingests alerts from a wide variety of third-party tools for full visibility and builds a prioritized threat response plan using machine learning and behavioral analytics.

  • Accurate Evaluations: In addition to analyzing real-time data for active threat intelligence, the analytics engine maintains historic data for extended time periods, allowing for more contextual retrospective analysis
  • Smarter with Time: Analyzing end users and applications, the engine evaluates traffic as it flows across the network, understanding normal patterns of behavior and triggering alerts when anomalies are detected
  • Automated Response: Tying many of the engine’s components together, SOAR technologies facilitate analysis and automate threat response applications, helping to accelerate the speed of containment and neutralization

Managed SIEMaaS

  • Consolidate data across your entire IT environment to maximize ROI
  • Implement effective alerting to identify and respond to threats quickly
  • Manage security logs in a searchable archive for investigation and forensics

Vulnerability Scanning

  • Scan your environment to identify vulnerabilities and reduce risk
  • Implement effective remediation workflow for improved patching response
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements

Guide to network segmentation security

How can you partition networks to avoid complexity? Here’s how Masergy advises IT leaders when it comes to segmenting networks for security purposes.

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Simplify network security with 24/7 detection and response services

Most companies struggle to adequately staff security operations. That’s why, when you partner with Masergy, you get a fully managed SOC service working 24/7 across three continents.

  • Masergy’s own security teams operate out of North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Tenured analysts and industry-certified professionals work to resolve incidents
  • Mature incident response processes are guided by 20+ years of threat intelligence
  • Optional threat hunting capabilities are availableLearn more

What is Zero Trust Network Access?

Explore ZTNA and its current relevance given trends in Zero Trust, SASE, and today’s need to limit access rights based on user identity.

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Cover network, cloud, and endpoint security with one platform

Network protection is just one solution on Masergy’s menu. You can easily add cloud security and endpoint security services. Or, you can pair any security solution with Masergy SD-WAN and SASE offerings. Alternatively, managed network security serves as a standalone solution.