Comprehensive detection and response with rigorous incident resolution

Stop threats before they become major problems

Masergy’s Managed Security Services give you unified enterprise security that uses machine learning to identify sophisticated attack patterns.

Get comprehensive managed detection and response services on a global scale, tailored to meet any budget.

Masergy takes the workload off of your staff to help you optimize your resources while widening your security coverage.

Security Solution Overview

Certified security experts are an extension of your team

Our library of threat insight is included with every detection and response solution.

Certified security and network analysts work around the clock with an undaunted commitment to customer-first service.

Three global security operations centers with certified analysts triaging alerts in real-time.

Distill billions of alerts down to the meaningful few using machine learning and behavioral analytics.

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  • Detection and Response

  • Cloud Security

  • Security Analytics

  • SOC Services

  • Security Consulting

  • Incident resolution to cost-effectively manage security risk

    Integrated security that delivers--that's what Masergy is about. Explore how our detection and response platform changes the game by providing a clearer, correlated picture of your security status, quickly distilling alerts down to the meaningful few. Pick and choose the technologies that complement your existing investments and let Masergy’s SOC services respond to threats.
  • Visibility and monitoring for your multi-cloud environment

    Your cloud workloads move fast. You need real-time security that can keep up. Masergy has the technologies, analytics, and 24/7 monitoring you need to leverage the cloud with confidence. When your IT environment encompasses a growing list of public and private assets, we’ve got all your IaaS, PaaS, SaaS apps, and endpoints covered.
  • A patented analytics engine for faster, more accurate threat identification

    Harness the power of behavioral analytics and machine learning to turn billions of raw data events into a manageable number of actionable alerts. Masergy’s security analytics engine is a patented toolset that ingests alerts from a variety of third-party tools and reconciles the data against our global threat intelligence to identify what’s real and what’s urgent.
  • 24/7 threat monitoring and response from certified security analysts

    Security is only as effective as those who monitor, mitigate, and proactively hunt threats. With three full-time Security Operations Centers around the globe, Masergy’s certified security analysts alleviate understaffed IT teams to quickly stop threats in their tracks. Now you have the expertise you need to realize the benefit of your security technology investments.
  • Strengthen your security posture with insights and expertise

    Advanced threats require expert guidance. Let veteran security experts help you assess risks and ensure compliance with IT infrastructure audits, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and end-to-end risk management. From a virtual CISO service to customized solutions, Masergy designs and executes improvement programs to more effectively manage risk.

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