SOC Services:
Extend your security team with a trusted partner

24/7 threat monitoring and response from certified security analysts

Beyond just technology.
A workforce acting on your behalf.

Security attacks happen around the clock and threats are more effectively stopped when detected early and followed by swift action to mitigate. Masergy makes it easy and affordable to protect your enterprise with 24/7 security operations center (SOC) services for comprehensive threat detection and response across your network, cloud, and endpoints.

24/7 detection & response for the entire IT environment

With a perfect blend of tenured security analysts, mature processes, and advanced systems all working together, Masergy helps to free your IT resources with a turnkey approach that scales globally and covers your endpoints, cloud applications, and the network. Plus, our solutions include threat hunting.


Security Never Sleeps with 24/7 SOC Operations that Span the Globe

  • Across all domains, certified security analysts enjoy helping clients reduce risk and solve problem
  • Trained professionals triage alerts to mitigate threats quickly and efficiently using proven processes
  • Masergy’s own SOCs operate out of North America, Europe, and Asia, providing global coverage


20+ Years of Threat Intelligence = Experience You Can Trust

  • Response refined by decades of threat intelligence and security optimization
  • Customizable incident playbooks fit your unique requirements
  • Proven processes drive incident resolution and security program improvements


45B+ Events Analyzed Annually Amounts to Smarter, Faster Response

  • Behavioral analytics reduce noise and pinpoint urgent incidents
  • SOAR technologies increase the effectiveness of threat response
  • Ticketing integration capabilities simplify processes across internal/external teams

Proven processes strengthen your security defenses

Security Strategy

When it comes to cybersecurity, many teams are in continual reactive mode, making it a challenge to focus on strategy. Masergy helps your business switch to proactive mode, establishing security best practices and responding to threats using frameworks from the industry’s most respected leaders:

Continual Improvement

A mature IT security program is key to managing corporate cyber risk. Masergy delivers ongoing assistance to strengthen your security posture, bringing forward opportunities for improvement as services are established and as new incidents are addressed. 

  • Benchmarking: Assessments show your security maturity as it stands today
  • Risk summaries: Actions to address risk and execute plans for remediation
  • Continual improvements: SOC programs are regularly reviewed for optimization

Simplified Service

No one wants to manage more vendors and dashboards. That’s why Masergy offers a unified approach to security. You get a single point of contact for security support coupled with a consolidated tech platform for a holistic view into your security posture.

  • One platform for security technologies, analytics, and dashboard metrics
  • Reports with the latest threats, countermeasures, and action plans
  • Visibility into your incident response workflow

No more alert overload

Masergy's security analysts understand what we’re dealing with and are willing to walk us through the processes of response. The human element was the part we were missing, and Masergy hits that mark very well.

— Ralph Hopkins, Head of IT, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Trusted cybersecurity experts with the certifications to prove it

Masergy operates Security Operations Centers (SOCs) on three continents that are staffed 24/7 by certified cybersecurity experts to deliver continuous monitoring for your global network.

Security operations backed by advanced analytics

What technologies back Masergy’s security operations? Our Advanced Security Analytics engine ingests alerts from a wide variety of third-party tools for full visibility and builds a prioritized threat response plan using machine learning, behavioral analytics, and automation technologies.

  • Smarter with Time: The analytics engine evaluates traffic from end users and applications as it flows across the network, understanding normal patterns of behavior and triggering alerts when anomalies are detected
  • Accurate Evaluations: In addition to analyzing real-time data for active threat intelligence, the analytics engine maintains historic data for extended time periods, allowing for more contextual retrospective analysis
  • Automated Response: Tying many of the engine’s components together, SOAR technologies facilitate analysis and automate threat response applications, helping to accelerate the speed of containment and neutralization

6 reasons to love Masergy for security

Turnkey Solutions

One partner for technologies, analytics, SOC services

Total Coverage

Security for endpoints, the cloud, and the network

More ROI

Leverage your existing tech investments while expanding your security 

24/7 Security

With three global SOCs working around the clock, security never sleeps

Simple Pricing

Suitable for any budget, our solutions are priced on endpoints, employees, and sites


20+ years of threat intelligence with 45B+ events analyzed annually

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