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Endpoint security technology and services in one solution

A turnkey approach to endpoint security

Did you know that 56% of remote employees are using personal devices to do their work, and laptops and mobile phones are common targets for cyber attackers? Protect employee devices against ransomware, malware, and phishing using endpoint security from Masergy. You’ll get the tools, analytics, and security operations support you need in one solution.

Find attacks that legacy systems can’t with an endpoint protection platform

Standard signature-based antivirus technologies have little to no chance in helping you fight against sophisticated ransomware threats. Moving beyond these traditional methods, Masergy’s endpoint protection platform (EPP) leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly identify potential threats. Creating a more effective defense strategy, our EPP technology does not rely on attack signatures or unique indicators of compromise, all of which can change quickly or be previously unseen.

Detection & response with 24/7 management

Technology alone is not enough, and yet most companies struggle to staff their security operations. That’s why Masergy’s security solutions offer a fully managed SOC services with certified security analysts working 24/7.

  • Masergy’s own security teams operate out of North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Tenured analysts and industry-certified professionals work to resolve incidents
  • Mature incident response processes are guided by 20+ years of threat intelligence
  • Optional threat hunting capabilities are available

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Consolidate security data feeds into one analytics engine

Masergy’s Security Analytics engine ingests alerts from a wide variety of third-party tools for full visibility and builds a prioritized threat response plan.

  • Smarter with Time: Evaluate traffic from end users and applications as it flows across the network, understanding patterns of behavior and triggering alerts
  • Accurate Evaluations: Analyze real-time data for active threat intelligence and maintain historic data for more contextual retrospective analysis
  • Automated Response: Use SOAR technologies to automate threat response applications, helping to accelerate containment and neutralization

A guide to endpoint security

Endpoint security is the practice of protecting servers and user devices from cyber attacks.

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Cover endpoint, cloud, and network security with one platform

Endpoint protection is just one solution on Masergy’s menu. You can easily add cloud security and network security services. Or, you can pair any security solution with Masergy SD-WAN and SASE offerings. Alternatively, Managed EDR serves as a standalone solution.

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