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Fully-managed services with Masergy’s SD‑Network

IT leaders are increasingly adopting managed SD-WAN services over do-it-yourself solutions. That’s because a fully managed service makes it easier to maximize WAN uptime while also minimizing management overhead. Want a SD-WAN service that empowers your IT team to focus on innovation but also provides high quality performance and agility? Masergy launched software-defined networking more than two decades ago, and we’ve been engineering and managing client networks to deliver service excellence ever since.

Our fully-managed SD-WAN services leverage Masergy’s edge network along with Fortinet’s edge devices that include embedded security. You can be confident your network is monitored 24/7. And with a pure software-defined network, you can be certain your SD-WAN solutions will deliver the reliability that’s vital to your business continuity.

Built-in security capabilities

81% of IT leaders say security is their top factor in selecting SD-WAN. That’s why security features and services are embedded into every Masergy SD-WAN solution, meeting the key tenets of the SASE model. Three-tiered options include next-gen firewalls for perimeter security protection and 24/7 SOC services that alleviate your team of monitoring and threat response. Plus you can enforce a consistent security policy across all SD-WAN devices and get security alert metrics within the SD-WAN management portal.

Choose the security service below that best matches your desired level of protection and support.

Security Features Unified Threat Protection Threat Monitoring & Response Managed Security Services
Next-generation firewall (NGFW) with UTP
Enhanced anti-malware, IDS/IPS, app control, web filtering, and DLP
Built-in AIOps, Shadow IT Discovery, and per-user WAN analytics
Log reporting and alerting
SOC Services: 24/7 monitoring and incident response
Cloud Security: AWS®, Azure®, CASB, Office 365™, 3rd party integration*
Security analytics: Machine learning and behavior analytics
Advanced IDS and raw packet capture
Network visibility (flow data)
Endpoint detection and response
Threat intelligence and hunting
Vulnerability scanning and management

One portal with AI-powered analytics

Automate your network analysis with a virtual assistant

Masergy’s SD-WAN management portal provides every client with a single-pane-of-glass view into their network performance and cloud application delivery, and every solution comes with a virtual network assistant.

  • Masergy’s AIOps, an AI-powered network intelligence service, is built in–helping you optimize performance and predict outages.
  • Real-time analytics and controls manage your private and public connections, SD-WAN devices, clouds, applications, voice and video communications, and more.
  • With just a few clicks, you can modify bandwidth, change traffic priorities on cloud applications, as well as discover and act on any shadow IT applications running on your global network.
  • Plus, the portal is available globally on any device.

See how one portal provides unmatched visibility and control.

Learn more about Masergy’s SD-WAN management portal

Extend the benefits of SD-WAN to your remote workforce

Secure Remote Access delivers uncompromising connectivity to power users working from their home offices as well as to mobile knowledge workers needing secure access to corporate and cloud applications.

Learn More about Secure Remote Access

Let your business needs lead your SD-WAN connectivity design

With Masergy, you have the freedom to mix and match network connectivity–public, private, and 5G wireless too. Transport-agnostic flexibility allows you to meet the needs of every location, user, and application.

  • Mix and match public and private network access for hybrid connectivity
  • Bring your own bandwidth or Masergy can source, deploy, and manage your access
  • Masergy manages both public and private access with 24/7 network monitoring services

AIOps: Your virtual network assistant

Get a virtual assistant to help optimize your network and application performance. Masergy AIOps is an AI-based network intelligence service that analyzes the network and makes recommendations to enhance reliability. Plus, it’s a standard feature included with Managed SD-WAN–there’s nothing for you to install or configure!

Shadow IT Discovery

Masergy Shadow IT Discovery empowers you with detailed network visibility for all cloud services on your network. See how this exclusive solution for Masergy Managed SD-WAN Secure helps reduce your cybersecurity risks.

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