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Why Masergy for manufacturing

Manufacturers must balance dueling priorities, reducing costs and improving efficiency all while making strides in digital innovation. Technology presents the opportunity to achieve it all; IoT, AI, and software-defined networks are helping lean IT organizations do more, faster. Masergy gives you agility and control with innovative solutions that securely deliver flexibility, productivity, and cost efficiency.

Technologically driven disruptions will cause manufacturing CIOs to play an increasingly important role in forecasting the future.


Enable smart factory operations

The proliferation of IoT, mobile devices, and wearable technologies means real-time data can be fed into production lines for increased insight and productivity. Smart factories and intelligent manufacturing processes use this data to drive step-by-step improvements in performance and safety. Manufacturing companies rely on Masergy’s SD-WAN to securely connect their supply chain and manage IoT traffic from a myriad of devices across a global footprint of smart factories and production facilities.

“What Masergy gave us was one reliable delivery network. All of our sites are interconnected through the Masergy network, which is a reliable connection and a single point of delivery. It’s just there for us all the time.”


Improve production efficiencies 24/7

Across every aspect of the business–supply chains, operations, personnel productivity, and compliance–manufacturers are constantly searching for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Masergy’s SD-WAN helps manufacturers eliminate network outages and downtime, keeping cost-effective production running 24/7. Get superior application performance, network reliability, and deep visibility with solutions designed for real-time traffic management and on-demand bandwidth control all across the globe.

Secure every step in the manufacturing process

Corporate espionage threats and regulatory requirements make IT security top high priority. With so many third-party suppliers, production facilities in multiple locations across the globe, and highly regulated environments, security is a complex and constantly evolving paradigm. Masergy’s Managed Security solutions and SOC services use machine learning, behavioral analytics, and 24/7 monitoring and response to rapidly identify threats and stop them in their tracks.

“Masergy’s global network platform is flexible and growing with new technologies, allowing Entegris to leverage it for new innovation and customization.”


Help lean IT do more with less

Multiple network dashboards and manual management processes can distract manufacturing IT teams from focusing on the IoT and AI technologies needed to gain a competitive edge. Masergy’s solutions are managed via a single network control portal and include AI-powered automation known as AIOps. With one source for information, a virtual network engineer, and the option for a fully managed service, lean IT teams can focus on manufacturing innovation.

Your reputation is your brand

You need a secure global networking platform with a reputation as strong as yours.

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