Connecting your healthcare ecosystem

Better patient outcomes start with a better network

Why Masergy for healthcare

Healthcare organizations are challenged to deliver profitable services, while keeping in step with continual shifts in both technology and the healthcare industry. Providers need to support new IoMT devices, offer telemedicine services, manage mergers, and securely connect with an ecosystem of partners. Masergy gives you agility and control with innovative solutions that deliver the flexibility, visibility, and control essential in today’s changing landscape.

Deliver improved healthcare with Masergy

Leading healthcare organizations are delivering superior care by securely and reliably connecting every element in their healthcare ecosystems.

IDG Healthcare IT research report

Healthcare IT is under pressure like never before with telehealth, SaaS applications, and connected medical devices straining the network and security. Research from IDG reveals these challenges and the strategies leaders are taking to enable digital care.

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Real-time healthcare leverages AI and big data

Patients and payors are demanding faster, more accurate diagnosis and the use of AI and big data is opening new doors to advance care. The use of health sensors and IoMT is expanding the real-time collection of critical healthcare data, facilitating proactive care and enabling remote services. Masergy’s SD-WAN for healthcare enables clinicians and patients to connect and share data securely while allowing IT teams to prioritize healthcare application performance, dynamically managing bandwidth allocation to meet changing needs across the network.

Healthcare organizations are early in their transformation journey, and key actions can accelerate decisions and improve their progress.


The rise of telemedicine

Telehealth is bridging the gap between patients, doctors, and health systems. As the demand for virtual doctor visits skyrocket, the need for the network to support high-quality video conferencing becomes increasingly important. Masergy’s Unified Communications solutions are powered by Webex technology and embedded into the SD-WAN platform, delivering perfect communications with <1 millisecond of jitter, 100% in-sequence packet delivery, and 100% uptime.

Quality of care depends on access to information

Hospitals, physician practices, pharmaceuticals, medical technology firms, and payors–including insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid–all form a highly complex web of involved parties essential to the delivery of patient care. Connecting and securing all relevant data in ways that support quality care and profitable operations are challenges today. Masergy provides a complete solution for healthcare organizations, combining reliable and secure connectivity in the cloud, at the edge, and in the data center.

As healthcare organizations adopt new technologies, they must also reassess information security policies.


Security and privacy underpin all healthcare data

Healthcare records are 46 times more valuable than any other record. And HIPAA regulations impose steep fines for mishandling patient data. From patient records to IoT data and financial records, healthcare providers must address information security concerns before anything else. Masergy’s SD-WAN for healthcare has security built-in , with firewalls at points of vulnerability as well as 24/7 threat monitoring and response services.

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