Accessible Canada Act – Accessibility Plan and Feedback

We are committed to improving the accessibility for visitors to our website and continue to implement changes that help all users.

Masergy, a leading secure cloud networking platform for global enterprise businesses, leverages artificial intelligence to enable superior application performance, offering managed SD-WAN, Security, UCaaS, and CCaaS solutions. Masergy was acquired by Comcast Business in 2021.

Accessibility Plan and Feedback

Summary of ACA

The Accessible Canada Act SC 2019, c 10 (“ACA”) creates obligations for federally regulated telecommunications service providers (“TSPs”), to identify and remove, or prevent the erection of new barriers to accessibility.

Accessibility Plan

This Accessibility Plan applies to Masergy Communications, Inc., where it has legal obligations under the Accessible Canada Act (the ACA) and its regulations. Some of the references below, however, may apply more globally to Comcast and its accessibility practices and policies (collectively, the Company).

The Company is committed to making our products, services, and experiences accessible to the widest possible audiences. We work every day to create and foster a culture of inclusion across our company that represents and supports people of all abilities – from implementing more inclusive hiring and recruitment practices, to providing on-the-job assistive technology support, to training and mentoring resources that help to uplevel accessibility skills and knowledge across the Company.

This Accessibility Plan describes the Company’s expectations as of the date this plan was published and may be subject to change, in accordance with applicable law, and in order to reflect the evolving accessibility needs of the Company’s employees and customers.

Accomplishments to Date

The Company firmly believes in the principal that disability isn’t the lack of ability, it’s the lack of a solution and is committed to the betterment of accessible solutions for its customers and its employees. In that vein, the Company’s strategy is led by a Team under our Vice President of Accessibility. Further, the Company created an Accessibility Governance Coalition in 2021 and its membership includes senior leaders spanning multiple business units across the organization.

The Company provides internal accessibility training for employees through ULearn, our learning and development organization.

The Company’s Accessibility team maintains an internal Website, for companywide use, that includes an array of reference materials and tools to educate employees on website accessibility development and design. Company websites, including Masergy’s website, is designed and developed to achieve conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA. Conformance with WCAG criteria is measured by leveraging automation tools and by manually testing with assistive technologies including screen readers, alternative input devices, screen magnification and high contrast display tools.

Masergy launched it accessibility feedback mechanism, pursuant to the ACA, in June, 2023 and welcomes customer feedback to improve the accessibility of products and services through multiple communications channels.

Our Accessibility Priorities

The Company will continue to improve internal practices and procedures to ensure accessibility development and design is included (where appropriate) in the specifications provided to third party vendors.

The Company will continue to drive employee completion rates for the Accessibility training courses offered by ULearn.

The Company is in the process of globally aligning its accessibility policies and practices.

The Company plans to broaden internal screening, monitoring and reporting functionality of accessibility goals by updating department scorecards and increased product assessments.

The Company will conduct periodic audits of products and services and will provide remediation timelines to relevant stakeholders.

The Company will regularly review and update this plan, and its overall corporate accessibility program, in consultation with persons with disabilities.

The Company will provide this plan in an accessible format, upon request; and

The Company will continue to welcome all feedback about this Accessibility Plan.


Your feedback is important to us, and we appreciate any ideas on how to improve accessibility for our products and services.

To provide accessibility feedback, pursuant to the Accessible Canada Act, you can contact us in any of the following ways:

  • Email us at: [email protected]
  • Call us at: +1 (215) 847-8372
  • Write us at:  1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd.  Philadelphia, PA 19103

You can submit your feedback anonymously.  This information will not be shared with any third party and we will ensure that this information remains confidential, unless you consent to the disclosure.

The designated person responsible for receiving accessibility feedback is Catherine Fox, Corp. Assoc. Vice President & Sr. Deputy General Counsel.