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Because your reputation is your business

Why Masergy for professional services

Law firms, consulting agencies, and real estate businesses are built on their reputation, and their reputations are built on client trust. To earn that trust, firms must provide the highest level of responsiveness. To meet that standard, they require a network that balances the need to safeguard client data with the need for flexible services that are always on and accessible from anywhere. Masergy gives you reliability and protection with innovative solutions that deliver the flexibility, visibility, and security you need—and your clients demand.

“Masergy demonstrated a very flexible and scalable network that offered unmatched visibility and control, as well as the ability to control and optimize bandwidth through our cloud-based control panel.”

VP of IT
Stroz Friedberg

Flexibility and availability when it matters most

Whether you operate a law firm, an agency, consulting firm, or real estate business, you need to be where your clients are, anytime, anywhere. That means the network must securely go wherever the business is–whether on the road, in remote locations, or working from home. Masergy’s SD-WAN offers the reliability and agility needed to quickly respond to changing needs across locations, devices, and applications.

For CISOs, Masergy checks all the boxes. You get the right combination of machine-learning-based threat detection technology and a response team of certified security analysts working around the clock.

Head of IT
Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Secure your clients’ critical information

Professional services firms are entrusted with safeguarding highly sensitive client data–from intellectual property to case files and business records. With customers spread across the globe, cybersecurity is more important and yet more difficult than ever. When you need to rapidly identify and address security threats in real-time, Masergy offers the network visibility and 24/7 security threat monitoring and response you need.

Masergy gives us the lowest possible latency you can get on the market today, and that’s one of the biggest reasons clients rely on us.

Francis Luperella
CEO of Azzurro

Enhance communications and collaboration

Professional services firms are embracing voice and video conferencing to extend their digital reach and improve their operational efficiencies. Video meetings and virtual client collaborations are all on the rise, placing new demands on legacy networks. Poor quality service and downtime are not an option. Masergy’s Unified Communications, powered by Webex and embedded in the Masergy SD-WAN platform, ensures crystal clear communications whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Accelerate integration for mergers and acquisitions

As professional firms seek efficiencies and look for complementary businesses to acquire, the ability to quickly integrate operations becomes a competitive advantage. Masergy has the software-defined network, cloud communications, and security needed to efficiently bridge disparate legacy systems and unite them in ways that accelerate time-to-value.

Your reputation is your brand

You need a secure global networking platform with a reputation as strong as yours.

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