Your contact center is the center of your business

When your customer experience is dialed in, satisfaction is dialed up

Your business success relies on an modern customer experience, and a superior digital experience can drive loyalty, new engagement channels, and revenue streams. The bottom line: A next-generation contact center can turn happier customers into business outcomes.

Masergy’s Cloud Contact Center solutions deliver innovation and quality with best-of-breed technologies embedded into our global software-defined network. Complete with AI-powered virtual agents, workforce management, and predictive call routing, you’ll be able to  reinvent your customer experience for the digital-first era.

Masergy stands out

Webex® coupled with Masergy’s secure global SD-network

Next-gen customer experiences are marked by highly reliable digital services available everywhere. That’s why Masergy embedded  Cisco Webex technology into our global software-defined network, giving contact centers, remote agents, and customers superior communications quality alongside resilient cloud application performance. With Webex and Masergy working together, you get two innovators in one solution platform.

Omni-channel and predictive routing

Consumers want to interact through their preferred communication channel with an agent that understands their history, and that means meeting them where they are with the agent best suited to meet their needs. With Masergy’s omni-channel and predictive routing solutions you will be able to connect with customers in their channel of choice, providing your agents the data analytics they need to ability to delight customers with personalized engagements and service efficiency.

Virtual agents and workforce management

From managing AI-intelligent self-service agents to engaging agents in the office and at home, workforce management is a foundational element in crafting today’s digital experience. Masergy’s virtual agent offerings and workforce management tools help you meet and exceed expectations with accurate speech recognition, machine detection capabilities, streamlined scheduling processes, and talent forecasting.  This way contact center managers are free to focus on performance.

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