Fast and personalized service every time

A 360-degree view of your customers powered by Cisco®

Personalize your customer experience

Consumers want to communicate through their preferred channel–be it a phone call, text message, or email. And they expect your agents to know everything about their history. With Masergy Cloud Contact Center you will be able to offer your customers more choices and give your agents the ability to serve customers efficiently.

Personalized engagements

360-degree view of interactions–regardless of the channel

Single, holistic view of all relevant details

Swift and efficient service

Streamline agent experience

One unified desktop view of the customer journey

A single workflow to manage all interactions

Insights that empower agents to delight customers

Flexible cloud solution

Options to scale up and down based on your business needs

No capital expenditure outlay and automatic software updates

Access AI-powered solutions and application plugins

Best-of-breed cloud contact center solutions

Contact centers are the epicenter of your business, and the customer experience can be the difference between loyalty and lost revenue. You need a contact center platform you can be certain will perform. Masergy’s Cloud Contact Center solution is powered by Cisco and embedded in the Masergy software-defined network that delivers unparalleled performance.

Seamless application integration

Hit the trifecta – happier customers with the first-call resolution, happier agents with one desktop view of the entire customer journey, and improved efficiencies for your business. With Masergy Cloud Contact Center your agents will need just one tool to quickly and effectively service your customer.

Transforming the Customer Journey

A Nemertes Research report

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