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Why you need a next-generation firewall in the cloud

For years, network architects deployed firewall appliances within the physical walls of their corporate offices, adding them to the edges of their WAN to filter for traffic coming into the organization from the internet. But today, the concept of the network edge has changed and WAN traffic patterns are shifting as IT environments move away from the corporate data center, connecting the cloud and off-premise locations, applications, and users. For these reasons, cloud-based, next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) are becoming increasingly popular, and their use correlates with cloud success.

Firewall-as-a-service offers the following advantages:

  • Increased agility with rapid-deploy virtual firewalls
  • Accelerated security threat response through a centralized management console
  • Superior security by detecting internal and external threats using deeper content inspection capabilities
  • Productivity increases and cost reductions as a result of transitioning hardware to a software solution
Contain threats 50% faster

“The use of cloud–based firewalls correlates with a 50% improvement in the mean total time to contain (MTTC) security threats.”

Nemertes Research

Cloud firewall powered by Fortinet, the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

Masergy’s Cloud Firewall solution is powered by Fortinet, the company named a Leader in both the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls and the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure. Fortinet’s FortiGate next-gen firewalls are purpose built to enable security-driven networking, and Masergy has embedded this hardware into every point of presence (POP) on our software-defined network, which reaches every corner of the globe. Additionally, cloud firewall technology is integrated into our SD-WAN and security policies, allowing for consistent security policies across all SD-WAN devices as well as security alert metrics all within one portal.

Key features and benefits

Cloud agility

  • Rapidly deploy firewalls with a secure global infrastructure
  • Easily manage deployments in one centralized platform
  • Accelerate provisioning and management for numerous remote sites


  • Protect network users with deep packet-level control over application access and web traffic while optimizing bandwidth and application performance
  • Easily and safely separate network segments with your own security policies using sophisticated virtual domain capabilities


  • Increase security without degrading the user experience or creating costly downtime
  • Inspect traffic at hyperscale speed as it enters and leaves the network
  • Ensure that only legitimate traffic is allowed

Hybrid firewall flexibility

Cloud firewalls have the distinct benefit of fast deployment and agility, but clients with larger offices may still prefer on-premise firewall appliances when performance, user experience, and total cost of ownership are key goals. For this reason, Masergy provides hybrid options with the ability to put firewalls in the cloud and on-premise. With firewalls at the network edge, clients still get centralized management and a cloud-managed service. This hybrid firewall flexibility is unique in the industry, and the choice is all yours.

SOC services for managed threat detection and response

Cloud firewalls can generate an overwhelming number of security alerts that require monitoring, management, and swift action to mitigate risk. Masergy’s 24/7 security operations center (SOC) takes that burden off your IT team with managed detection and response services backed by certified security analysts, advanced security analytics, and 19+ years of threat intelligence all working together. Masergy owns and operates global security operations centers strategically located in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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Integrated security for SD-WAN, SASE, or any strategy

At Masergy, our cloud firewall and secure web gateway technologies are a fully-integrated solution, helping businesses of every size widen their security coverage with ease. Whether you leverage this benefit to build out a security-driven SD-WAN solution, a larger secure access service edge (SASE) strategy, or a package of managed security services, Masergy has the unique ability to unite security and network into one platform that reduces IT complexity. With these unified solutions, clients enjoy:

  • Granular per-application visibility along with a Shadow IT Discovery solution
  • Identity-Based WAN Analytics that enable a Zero Trust approach to security
  • 24/7 managed detection and response services from Masergy’s three global SOCs

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