Meet your Virtual Network Assistant: AI for IT Operations (AIOps)

The SD-WAN industry’s first AIOps integrated with network and cloud applications

Masergy AIOps is the industry’s first AI-based network intelligence service. It automatically evaluates network configurations and application bandwidth usage, helping you predict outages and improve your cloud application performance. It’s your dedicated virtual network engineer—a trusted advisor working 24/7 to proactively optimize your global network. AIOps is built into our customer portal and comes standard with both Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN Secure solutions and our software-defined network services.

Network optimization

Masergy AIOps uses sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to recognize network usage patterns specific to a corporate network and its users. By leveraging 20 years’ worth of real-world customer usage data on our global software-defined network, Masergy AIOps helps enterprises to not only optimize network performance but detect anomalies that can slow the network down. Predictive anomaly detection can find potential issues on your network faster than humanly possible.

Buyer’s Guide for AIOps

 Learn how to find real artificial intelligence in SD-WAN and SASE solutions and explore what’s needed to build a fully automated network in this ZK Research report.

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Key features: SaaS application optimization

Accelerate application troubleshooting and management

Masergy AIOps observes application service quality and provides insights that isolate and identify the cause of performance degradation.

Make data-driven decisions around resource allocation

Masergy AIOps observes application propensity for bandwidth consumption, helping IT managers intelligently manage application policies as well as forecast bandwidth and network capacity needs.

Prevent potential application outages and performance degradation

Masergy AIOps evaluates historic patterns of bandwidth consumption, providing predictions, proactive recommendations, and real-time alerts on application bandwidth utilization.

Real-time application performance analysis

  • Machine learning algorithms monitor and analyze your top 20 applications
  • AIOps delivers a visual presentation of both raw metrics and application quality of experience (QoE)

Track asymmetric network routes

  • AI determines network traffic coming in on one interface and returning on a separate one
  • Machine learning analytics is used to suggest router changes

Plan for a cloud-first IT strategy

  • Real-time analytics predict bandwidth usage giving you a data-driven capacity plan
  • Suggested quality of service (QoS) policy settings for each application help you deliver a superior user experience

AIOps Alerts

Masergy AIOps acts like a virtual network engineer built into every Managed SD-WAN Secure solution. See how Masergy AIOps works 24/7 to proactively optimize your cloud-powered corporate network.

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