Busy Lamp Field


The Busy Lamp Field (BLF) service helps Masergy support the physical attendant console. The BLF appears on an attendant console phone and allows the attendant to monitor the hook status and remote party information of users. For example, the Polycom or Cisco phone with sidecars shows a list of users to monitor on the attendant console phone which receives notifications of the state of the monitored resources.

Busy Lamp Field Service

The Busy Lamp Field service is a user service that supports the provisioning of an ordered list of monitored users. This is usually set up by Masergy or your administrator. The order of monitored users corresponds to the line appearance order on the attendant console phone.

If the monitored user list is modified by adding, removing, or moving members after there is an active subscription to the list, the Attendant console phone should be re-booted. The BLF also allows the device to show whether the user is busy on an incoming call or on an outgoing call.

Available User List

The list of available users to be monitored is determined by the users within the enterprise or the group of users who are assigned the BLF service. If the user is not a member of an enterprise, then the available user list is taken from the group.

The maximum number of monitored users that can be provisioned is 50. There is no limit to the number of lists a user can be a part of.

Common Use Case

The busy lamp field is quite helpful for managers or attendants who must answer and/or screen employee calls.