Call Center

Call Centers For Today’s Work Force

Masergy’s Call Center solution is natively integrated into the Masergy global Cloud Unified Communications platform, providing an expansive, scalable Call Center application – all delivered from the cloud. Unlike traditional call centers, our Hosted Call Center allows call center agents to be geographically distributed. Agents can work from home, a satellite office, or any other location served by Masergy in a transparent fashion. Our Hosted Call Center solutions can be combined with other Masergy Call Completion services to ensure that all incoming calls are serviced expeditiously under any network condition and at any time.

Hosted Call Center Key benefits

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    Using sophisticated routing policies, route callers to the right queue, with the right priority, then route them to the next available agent using Skill-based routing
  • Call Queueing
    Ensure that incoming callers do not receive a busy signal or no answer, and are queued with the appropriate agent or employee – even when mobile
  • Distributed, Remote, and Mobile Agents
    Virtual pools (ACD groups) of agents can be created that span the globe, ensuring follow-the-sun support with a workforce that can log in from anywhere
  • IVR/Auto Attendant
    Guide callers through with self-service applications, using voice or video prompts, to identify the best employee or agent
  • UC Integration
    Enable agents to manage any situation quickly with peers and supervisors, with integrated chat, presence, email and conferencing; as well as integration with CRM and other business applications
  • Monitoring and Reporting
    Ensure a quality experience by monitoring agents, utilizing whisper messages, barge in and emergency escalation when needed, and gain insight into performance with both historical and real-time reporting.

Call Center Reporting

The Call Center Reporting service is assigned to a call center. This service allows any member of a group or enterprise to be designated as a supervisor for a call center in that group. The number of supervisors a call center can be associated with is not restricted.

Masergy Call Center Supervisor Client

The Masergy Call Center Supervisor Client can be assigned to any user to enable that user to supervise agents for one or more call centers. A user can be a supervisor for multiple call centers. The supervisor is also considered to have Masergy Agent capabilities. Once assigned this service allows the user to select which members of a call center the user supervisors. The supervisor can choose any member of a call center to supervise including an agent also serving as a supervisor.