Call Center Agent


This feature allows a person to answer calls from a call center queue. An agent can be a part of many call center queues. Also, included is the ability for a call center agent to use special softkeys on their Polycom telephone. This way they can easily login or logout of the call center.

How to

The agent should login when they get in to their workstation. And for each time they leave their workstation, they should logout or make themselves unavailable.

Once setup, the following softkeys and icons are displayed on your Polycom Telephone:

  • ASignIn (Agent Sign in) – That’s you. Just click this button to be available to receive calls from all the Call Center for which you are an agent. When this is enabled the icon next to your extension will show a head with the hair solid, filled in. (the face remains hollow.)
  • ASignOut (Agent Sign Out) – Click this button to be signed out. This is the easiest way to log out to be sure your phone does not get calls from the call centers while you are away from your desk. When this is enabled the icon will show a head with the hair hollow, (matching the face.)

Other Options

  • Unavailable – This is a second option for logging out. This status should only be used for periods of less than five minutes. For example, if you need to finish work from an earlier call. When this is enabled the icon will blink between an X and the head.
  • Available – If you have used the “Unavailable” use this button to start getting calls again.


Softkeys are context sensitive and appear at the bottom of the display. You may need to press More to see the appropriate softkey. Please see the quick guide.

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