Call Center Supervisor


Masergy provides web clients to provide a feature-rich, intuitive interface for workers in busy contact centers, allowing agents and supervisors to quickly and easily manage and monitor incoming calls and queues. Web clients, accessible through any desktop browser, make it possible for users to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Masergy offers two clients to choose from for your Call Center needs – Broadworks and Unity clients. Both of these clients fully integrate with all Masergy applications including Voice, Video, Unified Messaging, Conferencing and Mobility, offering more than just a standalone call center application.

The Supervisor

The Supervisor web client is designed to enable supervisors to monitor and manage their assigned agent and queue activity, with an embedded dashboard that makes it easy to supervise all aspects of the work flow in real-time. Supervisors may also run default or customized reports on agent and queue performance, based on either real-time or in-depth historical data.

Supervisor – Thin Client with Single Sign-On (SSO)

All enterprises who deploy SSO with Masergy Global UCaaS will now require the Call Center Supervisor browser client to add additional information of …/login/email domain/ at the end of the standard URL. Please review the Masergy Call Center Supervisor Login Guide for SSO for details.

The Agent

The Agent client lets agents quickly identify and answer incoming calls, manage active calls, manage their personal availability and easily escalate calls to supervisors. The intuitive client interface allows agents to resolve issues quickly, enabling agents to increase productivity and thus increase customer satisfaction.

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