Call Forwarding Always


Call Forwarding Always (CFA) allows you to forward all your incoming calls to a different phone number, such as your home office or cell phone. Call Forwarding Always (CFA) provides the capability to redirect incoming calls, intended for a user, to another destination. When active, all incoming calls are redirected unconditionally (that is, busy, idle, alerting, and so on). You can also make your primary phone emit a short ring burst to inform you if you are next to your phone when the call is forwarded by using the Ring Reminder. This is important when you have forgotten the service is turned on and you are at your primary phone waiting to receive calls.

This service can be controlled via your handset, the Masergy web portal, via feature access codes dialed from the phone, and from the voice mail portal.

How to

Polycom Phone Activation

  1. Simply press the softkey labeled forward.
  2. Press 1 for always.
  3. Enter the phone number including area code
  4. Click the softkey labeled enable.
To Disable
  1. Simply press the softkey labeled forward.
  2. Press 1 for always. (It reads enabled)
  3. Click the softkey labeled disable.

Web Portal Activation

Log into, click on “Incoming Calls” and “Call Forwarding Always” you can turn on or off, input number, then click apply. A valid forwarding phone number must be entered. Users can also select whether a ring splash should be played upon forwarding a call.

Feature Access Codes

The Call Forwarding Always service can be activated and deactivated through feature access codes dialed from the user’s device.

To activate, the user dials *72, optionally followed by a valid forwarding phone number. If no phone number is entered, the calls are forwarded to the phone number that was previously configured by default. The system then plays a confirmation announcement and the user hangs up.

To deactivate, the user dials *73. The system then plays a confirmation announcement and the user hangs up. Feature access codes can also be used from any of Masergy’s call control clients (i.e. Masergy Unity, Masergy Receptionist, Outlook Toolbar, etc.) For example, the user can enter *72XXXXXXXXXX to activate call forwarding, with XXXXXXXXXX being the forwarding number. The system then rings the user’s device and plays a confirmation announcement, indicating that call forwarding has been activated. In addition, the user can just enter *72 through the Call Control Client. Then the user’s device rings, and when answered, the system prompts for the forwarding number (as described earlier).

The user can also set the call forwarding destination to the voice portal FAC, which is *62 (default value) instead of the voice portal number or extension. The caller rolls to the called party’s voice mail box in the Masergy voice mail system. The default state of Call Forward Always is “Off”.

Voice portal service allows users to configure their Call Forwarding Always service from any phone. Users access this service by calling their group voice portal from any phone. After entering your extension and passcode, they are presented with a menu of options that includes the ability to query, activate, deactivate, and program their Call Forward Always service. After configuring this service, users may hang up, or continue to navigate through other options of the voice portal. The ability to configure Call Forward Always through the voice portal is automatically available to all users who are subscribed to the Call Forwarding Always service.

Call Forwarding Always

  1. From the main menu press 4 for to Change Call Forwarding Options.
  2. Press 1 to activate call forwarding (to the number already in the system.)
  3. Press 2 to deactivate call forwarding.
  4. Press 3 to set the call forwarding destination number.
  5. Press 4 to listen to your call forwarding status.
  6. You can hear number and whether it is on or off. Note that the phone number you forward your calls to must be permitted by your outgoing calling plan.

Call Forwarding Always to Voice Mail having this feature off is the standard default if you have voicemail. The phone rings about 3 times and if unanswered, then goes to voicemail. Typically you would not change this setting. If you enable this setting your phone will not ring. All calls will simply go straight to voicemail regardless of whether the user is busy or not.

It can be enabled or disabled via the user’s web portal by checking or un-checking the Send All Calls to Voice Mail box on the Voice Management web page or via the user’s phone by dialing the FAC *21#, and disabled by dialing the FAC #21#. After the FAC is dialed, the system plays a confirmation announcement “Your Voice Mail service is now set to [not] answer calls immediately. Thank you”. It then releases the call.

When enabled, all incoming calls to a user are sent immediately to voice mail.

When disabled, the Voice Mail service does not activate immediately for an incoming call, and other applicable services execute as usual.

Note that this activity does not change the service priorities, and Call Forwarding Always continues to have higher precedence than Call Forwarding Always to Voice Mail. These FAC codes allow setting the “all” option for both Masergy Voice Messaging and Third-Party Voice Mail Support.