Call Forwarding Selective


This service enables a user to define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be redirected to user-specified destinations. A good application for this is a call from your spouse to go to your mobile during lunch hours or calls from your manager to go to your mobile during your commute time. Call Forwarding Selective provides the capability to forward calls intended for a user to another destination, when the incoming call matches pre-specified criteria. If the incoming call does not match any of the criteria, normal call handling applies. The possible criteria include:

How to

On the personal web portal, click incoming calls. Click Call Forwarding Selective. The user defines criteria based on the incoming caller identity, ranges of digits, or time schedule.

Phone numbers are matched against the sending number received in the call. This service may require the user to provide complete 10-digit numbers to match those included in the predicate. The criteria can be combined within predicates (for example, incoming call from this number and within business hours and during work week). Multiple predicates can be defined and the call is forwarded when at least one of the predicates is met. The user can associate a different destination with each predicate, or use the same destination for all predicates. Ranges of digits can include digits from 0-9, and the following wildcard characters:

When the user enters the forwarding phone number, the system validates the phone number against the user’s calling plans (Outgoing Calling Plan, Outgoing Digit Plan, and Acct/Auth Codes). If the number is not allowed, the user is presented with an error message. The default state for Call Forwarding Selective is “Off”.