Calling Group ID Delivery


This service allows the group administrator to assign a Calling Line Identity (name and number) to an entire group. The name is sent for on net calls. The number is set for all calls outside the group. This service allows the group administrator to define a default group Calling Line ID (CLID). The default group CLID is made up of:

  • Name – The name of the group (truncated to 15 characters)
  • Number – A valid phone number authorized to the group

How to

For users with their own DID, the administrator can select whether the default group name and/or number should override the users’ own name and number. There is also an important setting for emergency calls. This should be set to “Use user phone number for Calling Line Identity” And is setup under the group or user under the Web Portal >> Profile >> Call Processing Policies. The number should then be registered with E911. The group is responsible for registering their numbers and addresses and keeping those records updated.

The DID used as a default group CLID can still be assigned to a user in the group. For instance, it can be assigned to a group Auto Attendant to allow external parties to use it to reach non-DID users (phantom users).