Device Inventory


The Device Inventory service provides the group administrator with an inventory of all integrated access devices (IAD), gateways, and IP phones for a group. In addition, this service provides the capability to assign users directly to a device and/or a port on a device. The Device Inventory service also allows the group administrator to drill down into a device by clicking on it in the inventory list to view detailed information about the device and see all users assigned to this device. Clicking on a user in the assigned list drills down to the user’s User – Profile web page where the device information can be modified.

How to

On the Group web portal, the Devices link directs the administrator to a list of all the devices assigned to the group. The group administrator can add, delete, and modify the devices in the list. When the administrators add new devices to their group, they are required to pick the device type from the list of available devices known to Masergy, which is created from the inventory file. The new device then becomes a new instance of a known device type, and Masergy can present a standardized configuration page to the administrator that abstracts all the device specific details.

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