Last Number Redial


Masergy Anywhere service provides a user with a single number precedence where you give out one number, your Masergy number. All incoming calls on your mobile phone or your desk can be answered and switched easily between mobile and desk phone(s) during live calls. The Masergy Anywhere works with your user and the Masergy Anywhere portal number.

Multiple selective criteria can also be configured for each Masergy Anywhere location. A new call leg is created for each Masergy Anywhere location similar to a call termination. The Masergy Anywhere location’s selective criteria are considered for these scenarios. The Masergy Anywhere user service works in conjunction with the Masergy Anywhere portal. A user can enable or disable a Masergy Anywhere location from the web portal or by using the Location Control feature access codes.

The following attributes are also configurable for each Masergy Anywhere location:

  • Enable diversion
  • Require Answer confirmation
  • Use Masergy-based call control services

In addition to these options, the user can configure Masergy Anywhere locations to be alerted for Click-to-Dial calls. The Alert all locations for Click-to-Dial call attribute applies to all Masergy Anywhere locations. The default state of Masergy Anywhere is “On” and the default state of the alert for Click-to-Dial calls is “On”. The default state of the other options is “Off”.

How to

Answer Calls

To use this service for incoming calls from your desk phone: simply answer.

From your mobile device: Answer the calls, press any key to connect (if you enabled Require Answer Confirmation) and start talking.
For outgoing calls from your desk phone simply call out.
From your mobile device call the Masergy Anywhere portal number and then enter your extension and voicemail passcode. You’ll get a dial tone and then enter the number you wish to call. It will look like you are calling from your Masergy phone back in the office.

Switch Devices

Switching between phones is quite easy. From your mobile to desk phone simply dial *11 and keep talking. And from desk phone to mobile simply call the Masergy Anywhere number and enter your extension and voicemail passcode. You’ll get a dial tone, then dial *11 and start talking.

Setup Masergy Anywhere

When Masergy Anywhere is setup for a user, it will allow you to answer business calls dialed to your direct Masergy number or to you as an agent of a call center. (This requires that you turn on Require Answer Confirmation.) To setup and make changes to your Masergy Anywhere settings, you simply log in to your personal web portal.

Turning on Masergy Anywhere with your personal Web portal

  1. Go to Auto login on the outlook toolbar or go to
  2. Use your web portal credentials (see your administrator or call Masergy for help.)
  3. Click Add.
  4. The box for Enable this location is already checked.
  5. Enter Phone Number (3105556852, etc.)
  6. Enter Description. (“Mobile,” or “Goodnight Ranch House” etc.)
  7. Check the box for “Require Answer Confirmation”
  8. Check the box for “Use BroadWorks-based Call Control Services”**
  9. Click Apply.
  10. If you’d like to set a time to ring the Mobile number, Click Selective Criteria.
  11. Click Add.
  12. This WILL CALL your mobile number when the criteria is TRUE.
  13. Enter the Description what you are doing.
  14. Choose a time schedule.

Each group has a Masergy Anywhere Portal phone number. For yours, ask your administrator or go to your personal web portal. Options >> Call Control >> Broadworks Anywhere >> View Available Portal List.

Group Setup

Call Masergy to help with the setup at 1-800-942-4700. This is very easy to administer, but it’s good to get an expert to consult. You’ll need setup a group Portal with phone number and each user will need the Masergy Anywhere license.


This feature is available on Mobility, Executive, and Enterprise Packages.

You may want to extend the number of rings before voicemail picks on your Masergy phone. Personal web portal. Messaging >> Greetings >> Number of rings before greeting.

You can call your mobile carrier at 611 from your mobile phone to adjust the rings before voicemail on that phone as well.