The Privacy service allows a user to exclude himself or herself from the Group and Enterprise Directory lists visible in the Call Control client and web portal. There are three different privacy settings.
This service, when assigned and activated for a user, prevents the Call Control client and the web portal from including that user’s name in any group or enterprise directory lists along with their phone status.
Also there is a setting that allows users to control whether or not they can be reached by name dialing directory of the Auto Attendant.
And lastly, users to control whether or not they can be viewed in the extension directory.

How to

Users can activate or deactivate the Privacy service for their own accounts using the web portal. On the Profile menu page, a link in the advanced column appears for users with this service assigned called Privacy. This link takes the user to the service configuration page, where the service can be enabled or disabled. The default state of the enhancement, User Managed Privacy, is “Off”.