Remote Office


This service enables users to access and use their Masergy profile and services from any device, on-net, or off-net (for example, home office or mobile phone). Reviewing Masergy Anywhere, Simultaneous Ring, Call Forward or Call customer service if you want to consult them about the best set of services to utilize to meet your business needs.

Remote Office is especially useful for telecommuters and mobile workers, as it enables them to use all of their features while working remotely (for example, extension dialing, transfers, conference calls, Outlook Integration, directories, and so on). In addition, since calls are still originated from Masergy, the service provides an easy mechanism for separating personal and business phone expenses, as well as keeping alternate phone numbers private.

How to

To use the service, users simply enter the phone number of their current location and activate the service. From that point on, their usual Masergy locatioon is temporarily overridden by the newly configured location. When the service is active, all incoming calls to users are redirected to their Remote Office location and are subjected to the user’s terminating services. Similarly, users can originate calls from their Remote Office location through the Call Control client click to dial capability. This ensures that calls are processed by Masergy as normal originating calls, and are subjected to the users’ originating services.

This service allows users to manage active calls as usual through the Call Control client, thus providing the users with their Masergy profile and services from any addressable phone on the network or the PSTN. When the service is active, a reminder is provided on the user’s Call Control client, indicating that incoming calls are redirected to an alternate destination. When the user uses Remote Office to originate a call, two call legs are created. Expensive Call Notification does not apply to the first call leg, which is to the Remote Office number of that user. If the second call leg to the terminating number results in an expensive call, the Expensive Call Notification warning announcement applies as it does for any other originating call. Originating and terminating Remote Office calls cannot be monitored by the In-Call Service Activation service. However, the remote party can still use In-Call Service Activation.

The following describes the configuration items for Remote Office. The user can configure his or her temporary location and activate the service through the Personal web portal. The location is entered as a phone number. The user can click the Remote Office status indicator on in the Call Control client. When the user enters a phone number, the system validates the phone number against the user’s calling plans (Outgoing Calling Plan, Outgoing Digit Plan, and Acct/Auth Codes). If the number is not allowed, the user is presented with or an error message. The default state for Remote Office is “Off”.