Selective Call Acceptance


This service enables a user to define criteria that allows incoming calls. All calls that do not meet the specified criteria are rejected and provided a treatment. Selective Call Acceptance allows a user to only accept calls that meet user-configurable criteria.

The possible criteria include

  • Selected time schedule, for example, “Every Day All Day”
  • Whether the calling line ID is PRIVATE or UNAVAILABLE
  • A list of up to 12 phone numbers or digit patterns (for example, 5?4*)

Phone numbers are matched against the sending number received in the INVITE. This may be the P-Asserted-Id header, the Remote-Party-Id header, or the From header, depending on context. This service may therefore require the user to provide complete 10- digit numbers to match those included in the INVITE. The criteria can be combined within predicates (for example, incoming call from this number and within business hours and during work week). Multiple predicates can be defined and any call meeting any predicate is allowed to terminate to the user. For calls that do not meet any criteria, a system announcement is played to the caller. The Masergy Application Server’s no-charge treatment capability can be used with this service.

How to

The service is configured through the Personal web portal. A user can define criteria based on the incoming caller identity, ranges of digits, and a time schedule. Ranges of digits can include digits 0 through 9, and the following wildcard characters:

* (star) – This wildcard can only be used as the last character of the digit string and matches any number of trailing digits.

? (question mark) – This wildcard can be used anywhere in the string and matches any single digit.

Multiple criteria can be combined to build predicates, and multiple predicates can be defined simultaneously. Each predicate can be active or inactive. Incoming calls are accepted if at least one of the active predicates is met. The default state for Selective Call Acceptance is “Off”.