Softphone Client


Masergy is very excited to be able to offer multiple solutions to choose from for your mobile and business needs. The two solutions are the Masergy Communicator and the Counterpath Bria softphone. These softphone clients can be installed on PCs, MACs, iphone, smart tablets and android.

Masergy has been working with Counterpath since the beginning and finds the present Bria 3.5 solution to be excellent.

The Masergy Communicator is at the core of our Global UCaaS solution. The uniqueness of the Masergy Communicator is it provides full voice, video, and IM and Presence with both inside and outside enterprise people you work with.

Point to consider on all soft clients is that the QoS cannot be guaranteed which is based on and dependant on the network they run on. Often there is no QoS, but work better on Wifi than Wireless 4G/3G networks.

How To

To use a desktop softphone client with your Masergy account, the user would need to be provisioned with the appropriate user license.

Please contact Masergy Support for additional information by calling (800) 942-4700 or email [email protected].