Speed Dial 8


Speed Dial 8 allows you to set up to eight frequently dialed or hard-to remember long strings of digits that can be called with the push of a button. Users can then use the single digit instead of the full numbers to place calls.

This single-digit code is referred to as a speed code. The user can associate two to 30 numeric digits, including 911 emergency and 611 for customer service. The user can also associate a string of digits that includes the * character. This allows a user to program a speed code that maps to a feature access code, or multiple, chained feature access codes. At the time of programming, the system does not validate the digits. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the address associated with a speed code is valid. When the associated address is invalid, the user is provided with the applicable treatment. Once a speed code is defined, the user can dial that single digit and terminate the code with a # (pound sign). This can be done through the user’s device, or from the call control clients. Once the speed code is collected, it is replaced by its associated digit string and the call is originated as usual with these digits.

How to

There are two methods by which a user can program speed codes, through the Personal web portal or by dialing a feature access code.

Program Option 1

  1. Log into login.masergy.com.
  2. Click on Outgoing Calls.
  3. Click Speed Dial 8.
  4. Enter the telephone numbers and names in the corresponding boxes.
  5. Print a copy for your reference.
  6. Click Apply.

Program Option 2

  1. From the phone dial *74 for Speed dial 8.
  2. Dial a single digit from 2-9 that will represent the “speed dial assignment.”
  3. Dial your number to be saved, then press #.
  4. The user is played recall dial tone (three quick beeps and then regular dial tone).

To use it from the phone, simply dial the single digit. (The “speed dial assigned number” between 2-9) Press the softkey labeled Send or Dial.