Three-Way Call


This Three-Way Call service enables a user to make a three-way call with two other parties, whereby all parties can communicate with each other.

How to Make a 3-Way Call:

  1. Dial the first Number or receive first call
  2. Press the soft key labeled CONFRNC. The 1st call is automatically put on hold. You get a dial tone.
  3. Dial the second number, the soft key labeled SEND
  4. Once the second caller has answered, Press the soft key labeled CONFRNC and everyone is together on a Three
    Way Call. Your display will show 3 phones dancing and the display will read “In Conference.”

How to Separate a 3-Way Call:

  1. Press the soft key labeled Split.
    This drops both calls onto hold. You can see them both by call length and caller ID.

To pick up a call, select the call, press the soft key labeled RESUME.

To disconnect a call, select the call, press the soft key labeled RESUME and then press the soft key labeled End Call.

When a conference call is originated from an intelligent device, such as Polycom, the conference stays alive until the originator hangs up. This allows the originator to invite new participants to that call even if all the invited participants have left the conference.

Analog Phone Description – To start a three-way call while a call, press the flash or hook flash and dial the third party. Before or after the third party answers, press the flash hook and join all the calls together. To drop the add-on party, hang up.