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Masergy Emergency Calling (E911)

Masergy Emergency Calling is a feature in our UCaaS solutions that supports the health and safety of users by ensuring that an emergency call is routed to the closest PSAP (public safety answering point) for assistance.

Masergy Emergency Calling ensures compliance with federal emergency dialing requirements, helping you ensure the safety of users with reliable communications when the need for emergency services arises. It provides an easy-to-use Emergency Routing Service portal to provision users and ensures notification information is current.

Unity Desktop

Unity is a call control application that simplifies making and receiving calls on Windows desktops.

Unity Desktop Web

Unity Desktop Web is a web based application that combines call control, Instant Messaging, telephony service configuration, click-to-dial and unified directories to enhance the user experience and improve workgroup collaboration. Featuring an intuitive icon based interface, Unity provides point and click call control within the familiar internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari for Mac

Note: the Unity Desktop Web client does not support Federated (XMPP) instant message with Communicator and the Unity CRM Connector.

Unity Reception

Unity Reception is an attendant console client for Windows for the front desk or receptionist user.

Unity CRM Connector

Unity integrates with CRM applications to facilitate contact lookup & “popping” for inbound/outbound calls, contact lookup, & click-to-dial.

Note: Unity CRM Connector is only available on MS Windows desktops.

Unity Call Center Agent

The Unity Call Center Agent desktop client helps agents manage and handle calls in the call center.

Unity Call Center Agent Web

Unity Call Center Agent Web empowers users by simplifying call handling and escalation, providing visibility of queue statistics and allowing them to manage their ACD status all from within the familiar internet browsers. This web based application is an essential tool in empowering Agents toward optimum call handling efficiency on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari for Mac.

Note: the Unity Call Center Agent Web client does not support Federated (XMPP) instant message with Communicator and the Unity CRM Connector.

Unity Call Center Supervisor

The Unity Call Center Supervisor desktop client helps managers to view the call center queues, the agents they manage, run call center reports and handle calls in the call center.

Unity Dashboard

The Unity Dashboard is a real-time call center statistical display available in both tabular and graphical views. Highly customizable, Unity Dashboard can accommodate different size screens and different customer requirements for both queue and agent statistics.

Cloud Contact Center

The Cloud Contact Center powered by Cisco provides a global multi-channel customer engagement solution that allows your agents to engage with your customers with voice, chat, and email. Predictive analytics routing, workforce optimization, outbound campaigns, web callbacks, and customer engagement analytics, are just some of the many features available.

The Contact Center Agent provides a web-based unified desktop experience, a 360-degree view of interactions-regardless of the media channel – voice, chat, and email.

The Contact Center Supervisor portal provides web-based unified desktop access to Contact Center modules for real-time and historical statistics, monitor interactions (calls, chats, and emails); access to manage call recordings and other contact center resources

Fax Solutions

Masergy Fax Solutions for the Virtual Fax and Fax Line users, a print driver to allow these users the ability to easily fax directly from their MS Windows desktop applications.

UCaaS Call Reports

The ISC UCaaS Call Reports platform lets you maximize your business’ efficiency by viewing inbound/outbound and internal phone traffic patterns. There are many reports to choose from with filters that can be applied to sort data by call count, time of day, call duration, and more. The reports can be easily scheduled and downloaded as CSV.

Call Recording

Masergy Call Recording platform is a feature-rich service that allows Masergy customers to record their call center and business calls. Masergy Call Recording supports 100% Total Recording and Record on Demand (ROD) with a user-initiated start, stop, pause, and resume controls. Customers can automatically archive their call recordings using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS). File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is also non-secure and can be an automated or a manual process.

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