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With all the day-to-day worries of managing your changing business, cybersecurity shouldn’t be one of them. With the enhanced threats of ransomware and more, it’s only a matter of time before your company becomes a cybersecurity statistic. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Whether you need endpoint security, cloud security, or network security, Masergy can help.

Ransomware is up 150% and EDR is the single best protection

With employees working from anywhere on any device, cyber criminals have a much wider attack surface to target today. The best way to defend against ransomware is with endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, which go beyond standard antivirus and threat detection methods. But technology alone is not enough. EDR tools must be paired with 24/7 security monitoring and response services so you can stop attackers fast. Masergy has you covered on both fronts.

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Don’t leave security up in the air — protect your cloud apps and services

Digital transformation, SaaS applications, and cloud services have changed the security paradigm, making traditional strategies and tools obsolete in today’s multi-cloud IT environments. When you need to secure cloud workloads and control data both at rest and in the cloud, turn to Masergy. We’ve got technologies, machine learning, real-time threat monitoring–all backed by our three global security operations centers. Now, you can leverage the cloud with confidence.

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Rapidly mitigate threats with security that starts at the network

Nearly all cyber threats will generate observable network communications, which means the network remains the keystone to increasing your security posture. Deep network visibility, identity-based user analytics, and network segmentation are critical, as is ingesting all your security data feeds into one AI engine so one platform can monitor your entire IT environment. Masergy is the expert in comprehensive approaches and prioritized threat response plans. This way, we disrupt the threats and you can get back to business.

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