Group Paging


Group Paging service is the ability to broadcast a message to a group of telephones with or without an external paging system from a user’s telephone. The Cloud UCaaS solution from Masergy supports several different methods on how to accomplish this group paging service.

The following three group paging services available are:

  • SIP Phone Group Paging – the ability to page across a group of Cisco Multi-platform IP telephones or Polycom telephones at a single location across the LAN.
  • Cloud Group Paging – the ability to page across a group of Masergy telephones across multiple site locations across the LAN/WAN.
  • Algo Paging Adapter – the ability to page across an external (analog) paging system and include a group of Polycom telephones as a single zone across the LAN. The Algo Paging Adapter also includes SIP (Ceiling and Horn) speakers which can provide the business an external SIP paging system.

Note: All of these group paging services may affect your bandwidth because they all utilize multicast which can result in a broadcast storm across your business’ LAN and WAN.


Masergy Support would need to configure any of these Group Paging services for your business. Any telephone can be included or excluded from group paging announcements. And when a telephone is off hook on an active call; can be prevented from hearing an announcement as well. For more information, please contact Support by dialing 611 from your Polycom telephone or emailing [email protected].