Bundles & Features

Calling Features
Basic Standard Premium
Unlimited domestic calls (US & Canada)Call any domestic phone number and talk all you want for free
Global Mobile CallingPlace and receive business calls using the Webex mobile app using VoIP over the public internet using your business phone number
VoIP HandoverAutomatically keep your VoIP calls active as you move between data networks, such as WiFi to LTE
Multiple CallsHandle two calls at the same time and even merge them into a three-way conversation
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HD Video CallingTurn a voice call into a high-definition video and wideband audio call with one click or tap
One NumberEnable business calls to ring on a specific device (e.g. desk phone, mobile app, or softphone on a PC/Mac) or simultaneously on all devices
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The latest desk phones and conference devicesDeploy easily portable and completely cloud-based collaboration systems from Cisco, Polycom, and more
Corporate DirectoryEasily access your corporate directory with a simple search from any device
Call PullSeamlessly move active calls from a desktop to mobile or the reverse with a single click, without interruption
Enhanced 911 ServicesEnables users to call 911 to reach an emergency response center (USA and Canada only)
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Flexible Seat (Hoteling)Enables open office environments where phones can be assigned to an employee rather than a desk
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Direct Inward Dial (DID) ServicesA public phone number for external parties to call the user directly without having to go through an attendant
Do Not DisturbMinimize work interruptions by sending calls direct to voicemail
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Number PortingFree transfer of existing phone numbers from your current provider
Automated Attendant (IVR)Qualify inbound calls and deliver them to the intended destination through interactions with the caller
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Music On HoldPlay music for held and parked calls
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Hunt GroupsAllows incoming calls to a central phone number to be distributed among the members of that group according to a hunting policy
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Call ForwardingSelectively forward incoming calls to a different phone number
Call ParkPuts a call on hold that can be picked up anywhere at the company
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Call ReturnEnables users to call the last party that called, whether or not the call was answered
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Call WaitingAnswer a call while already engaged in another call
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Three-way CallingInitiate a three-way call with two other parties
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All telephony calling features (except for HD Video Calling) can be deployed to users as "Masergy UCaaS with Webex - Softphone Only." This option uses Webex software apps to make and receive PSTN calls but without any of Webex's enterprise messaging and collaboration features.
Messaging Features
Basic Standard Premium
Secure Instant MessagingEnjoy extra flexibility with your chat messages: deleting, forwarding, flagging for follow-up, quoting, reactions, and threading
Direct and Group ChatExchange messages via direct and group chats on any device
Persistent Chat HistorySecure archiving of all message content 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
NotificationsCustomize notifications to minimize distractions without missing critical messages
PresenceVisibility into the current status of your contact so that you can communicate with them using the best medium
Connect to external chat clientsChat with people outside your company by adding them directly to spaces and federating with other XMPP applications
Chat ModerationAdd and remove users from a Webex space or chat along with setting chat policies
Broadcast to All UsersSend messages to everyone in the group chat of Webex space
Collaboration Features
Basic Standard Premium
Personal and Scheduled Meeting RoomsPMR provides a dedicated meeting room with its own meeting URL. 100 attendees 100 attendees 1,000 attendees
Meeting LengthAs the meeting time elapses, the host and attendees receive meeting time ending notification. <40 Minutes 24 Hours Unlimited
Screen SharingShare a screen or a specific application to all meeting participants
File SharingDrag and drop files in a chat or in a space for your whole team. Files are securely stored in the cloud, organized, searchable, and available from any internet-connected device
WhiteboardingCreate virtual whiteboards to share ideas across internal and external teams on any internet-connected device
Comprehensive SearchSearch across people, spaces, messages, and files to find the content you need when you need it most
3rd-party Application IntegrationNo-code integrations with Microsoft 365, Google Workspaces, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and other popular business applications
One-Click MeetingsSchedule a meeting or start an ad-hoc meeting with everyone in your space with a single click
Zero-touch Connection with Webex DevicesJoin and share content wirelessly using Webex board, desk, or room devices, even when not in a meeting
In-meeting ChatEnable desktop and mobile participants to chat with each other during meetings
Microsoft Outlook & Google Calendar integrationSchedule meetings from your business’ favorite email and calendar service
Password protectionAdd unique passwords to online meetings for an extra layer of security
Persistent Meetings LinkInvite attendees to join online meetings from a reusable URL
Livestream Meetings on Youtube and FacebookEnable real-time live video of company events on popular video streaming and social media platforms
Record Meetings with Real-time TranscriptionsRecord and store every aspect of online meetings for people who can't attend or for those who want to refer back to what was discussed
Presenter ControlsGranular control over various aspects of the meeting to manage the administrative side of the meeting
Remote Desktop ControlAuthorize moderators to temporarily take control of a meeting attendee’s desktop
Moderator ControlControl who is joining specific spaces and what is posted in that space with enhanced security
Delegate Meeting Host and ControlLet others schedule online meetings on your behalf, assign alternate hosts, and more
Siri IntegrationSchedule and control your meetings from any Apple device using the Siri voice assistant
Support and Analytics
Basic Standard Premium
UCaaS AnalystMaintain the quality of your business communications with actionable insights and self-serve control from a single pane of glass customer portal showing real-time usage metrics, call quality analytics, and more
24/7 Live SupportMasergy's certified security and network analysts will answer support requests in about 45 seconds on average
Professional solution implementationMasergy creates a client-specific deployment design with a dedicated implementation team for easy migration and full support