Single Sign-On


Single Sign-On (SSO) is an advanced authentication, authorization and access control methodology built for enterprise environments. Adopted by companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft who provision thousands of employees with multiple enterprise applications worldwide, SSO is designed to simplify access and address insecure login practices.

Its most basic function is to enable users to log in to one portal in order to gain entry into several applications.

Business benefits include:

Common Use Case

After users log in to the enterprise SSO portal (see example), they are automatically granted access to their accounts in Google-owned applications, Microsoft applications, Salesforce, and Masergy Communicator.

Single Sign-On Identity Service Providers (IdP)

Next Steps

Please review the Masergy Single Sign-On Prerequisite Guide: Masergy SSO Prerequisites

Identity Service Providers (IdP)

Masergy Communicator SSO Clients