Recent Posts by Jay Barbour

  • How Masergy Earned a Mention in Gartner’s Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services

    Gartner’s new buyers guide for the managed detection and response market puts Masergy among other major providers. Here’s why Masergy earned a spot on the list.

  • How to Embrace SaaS while Managing Risks with a CASB Solution

    Security is a concern for those migrating to the cloud. Understand the risks, shared security models, Cloud Access Service Broker (CASB) solutions, and how Masergy’s Managed CASB offering can help.

  • How to Improve Office 365 Security with Managed Detection and Response

    Learn the risks that come with Office 365 enterprise deployments, what’s needed to improve security, and how to leverage managed security service providers in your efforts.

  • How To Secure IaaS/PaaS Environments Effectively With Cloud Workload Protection

    Securing Infrastructure-as-as-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings are about having the right tools and the right managed security provider. Cloud computing offers significant advantages to IT who must continuously meet changing business demands and opportunities. IT can recognize economies of scale, save on overhead and staff resources, and scale up or down near-instantly with as-a-service offerings. Moving to the cloud gives IT/Security the opportunity to refocus limited time and resources on strategic business opportunities instead of managing infrastructure and technology. For most mid-sized organizations and smaller enterprises, freeing-up IT time means faster time-to-market and increased revenue from products and services.

  • How Network Visibility Enables the Detection and Response Mission

    Prevention strategies and controls can’t keep up with exponentially growing attack surfaces. Network visibility is one of several tools that help advance the detection and response mission.

  • How and When to Use Endpoint Detection and Response

    Security leaders are struggling with the widening attack surfaces from a growing number of network endpoints. Masergy’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service can help.