How Connected Technology is Driving Sustainability

Avatar for Craig SchlagbaumBy Craig Schlagbaum|Jul 24, 2023|10:47 am CDT

Sustainability as a board-level imperative

The issue of sustainability—and how it can be better achieved through smart technology—has found firm footing in the executive boardrooms of the world’s largest organizations. Aside from the ethical concerns—that the pursuit of sustainability is the right thing to do for the health and future of the planet—there are compelling business reasons to accelerate sustainable practices.

Emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and edge computing are unlocking new opportunities to not only foster sustainability, but also create new paths to profitability, efficiency, and better customer experiences.

Some of the key reasons sustainability has ticked up the priority list of organizations of all stripes include:

Smart technology’s role in the sustainable business

One of the critical enablers of sustainability and efficiency is the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) and automation technologies. IoT refers to the network of interconnected devices that collect and exchange data, facilitating informed decision-making and streamlined operations. On the other hand, automation systems enable processes to be performed automatically, reducing manual labor and enhancing productivity. These technologies pose immense promise for sustainability, particularly in avoiding waste in the form of energy, water, resources, or labor. The combined use of IoT and automation presents a range of possibilities for achieving sustainability goals.

Although there are myriad ways in which businesses can use IoT and automation to foster sustainable practices, let’s take a look at a few specific use cases here:

A strong connectivity foundation: The prerequisite for tech-enabled sustainability

Automation and IoT for sustainability tools are only as successful as the network they sit upon and the control IT teams have over them. In order to optimize operations and sustainability with smart technologies, tech leaders need to ensure a strong connectivity foundation consisting of a few key elements:


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