Managed SD-WAN

Cost-effectively empower your network with an agile, reliable, and application-aware SD-WAN


Imagine your network designed at the intersection of applications and users.

Your network is your application delivery platform. Enterprise applications drive employee productivity and accelerate business growth. Today, increased adoption of public cloud services, ubiquity of broadband access, and new specialized applications are among the key trends driving digital transformation in the enterprise.

As your applications migrate to the cloud, your network must be agile, reliable, and efficiently respond to the performance needs your employees expect. How can you optimize your global WAN to deliver enterprise performance without sacrificing network visibility?




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Fully Managed. Feature-Rich. Cost-Effective.

Masergy Managed SD-WAN solutions deliver the benefits of an agile global network with dynamic app performance, zero-touch provisioning, and built-in analytics and service controls. Adding Masergy Managed SD-WAN to your network enables customizable access options to your locations to avoid the risks of an all-or-nothing solution.

Seamlessly integrated with our SD-VPN solutions, hybrid SD-WAN deployments are just as easy as Internet-only deployments. With Masergy Managed SD-WAN solutions, you can add locations to your network more quickly (and cost effectively) than ever before.

Conversational SD-WAN: E-Guide Sponsored by Masergy

Written for a non-technical audience in a conversational tone, our “Conversational SD-WAN” E-Guide explains what SD-WAN can and cannot do.
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All of the benefits, none of the risks.

Most SD-WAN vendors want to sell you a box that you’re expected to deploy on each site and manage yourself. Masergy Managed SD-WAN is different. Our fully-integrated managed solution lets you add SD-WAN where and how it best fits on your network.

Natively integrated with our global Software Defined Network Platform, deploying a custom hybrid SD-WAN solution has never been easier. And with our access-agnostic approach, you can mix and match access options to strike the optimal balance between price, performance, and resiliency. With Masergy SD-WAN, it’s never an either/or proposition: the choice is yours.

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Innovative, secure, and fully managed.

Masergy Managed SD-WAN delivers cost-effective and feature-rich solutions for your enterprise applications. You’ll benefit from our technology that seamlessly and securely interoperates with other Masergy WAN solutions—and it’s all managed and supported 24/7 by certified engineers in our global network operations centers.

Managed SD-WAN Features

  • Zero-Touch Provisioning
  • Private and Public Access
  • App Performance Visibility
  • Secure Internet Offload
  • Application-Based Routing
  • Dynamic Path Control
  • Integrated Router
  • Integrated Firewall with Unified Threat Management
  • WAN Optimization

An access agnostic approach to location-based designs.

Masergy architects your access strategy by location and at the intersection of your applications and users. We mix and match access options to strike the optimal balance between price, performance, and resiliency.

Dedicated Private Access Dedicated Internet Access Broadband Internet Access
Availability High High Moderate
Performance High Moderate Low
SLAs Site-to-Site POP-to-POP POP-to-POP
Cloud SLAs Site-to-Cloud Service Provider POP-to-Cloud Service Provider POP-to-Cloud Service Provider
Management Model Fully Managed Fully Managed or Bring Your Own Fully Managed or Bring Your Own
Risk Tolerance Low Medium High

How Will You Software-Define Your WAN?

  • Hybrid SD-WAN
  • Internet Only SD-WAN

"With Masergy SD-WAN, we have lowered our total cost of operations."

— Jean-Marc Voelckel, CIO, Ingenico Group

100% Customizable by Design

Our global Software Defined Platform makes it easy to combine SD-WAN solutions with any of our seamlessly integrated networking solutions to design, deploy, and manage a network customized for your unique application environment and business objectives.


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Masergy Managed SD-WAN Delivers Performance Without Compromise


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