Supercharge your broadband connection with Masergy Performance Edge™

High-performance broadband has arrived

Masergy’s Performance Edge is a game changer. You no longer need to sacrifice service quality when using public broadband connections with your SASE or SD-WAN deployments. Masergy Performance Edge is a patent-pending technology that boosts your broadband connection, making it perform more like a private line. As a result, applications can perform better, making your teams more productive all at a cost that is softer on the IT budget.

Masergy Performance Edge™ is revolutionary because it turns the low-cost, low-performance access methodology into a high-performing service. It saves precious IT dollars and removes the productivity uncertainties of working from home all within a SASE environment.”

— Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

Become an IT hero

The public internet is commonly used to connect remote workers and branch offices to the information they need, but while broadband is cost effective, the service can be disappointing. This means it often fails to deliver the application experiences that employees expect, creating outages, lost sales, and lost revenue.

However, with Performance Edge, businesses of all sizes can use SD-WAN broadband links with confidence, boosting performance where existing services are unstable and leveraging high-performance broadband where a private Ethernet circuit is too expensive or completely unavailable.

Broadband without the sacrifices

Finally, a way to deploy SD-WAN and SASE with broadband and not sacrifice the quality of service.

Better performance

  • Minimize packet loss
  • Get an experience more like a private connection
  • Deliver predictable application performance

Less expensive

  • Save up to 70% compared to a private line circuit
  • Make no long term commitments
  • Prevent outages with AI-powered performance visibility

Fast to install

  • Connect sites in days versus weeks
  • Boost existing circuits for immediate results
  • Make your business services highly scalable

Predict and prevent broadband outages with AIOps

All of Masergy’s SD-WAN and SASE solutions are powered by AI intelligence. Our unique AIOps capability is a virtual network assistant that continuously monitors all broadband connections, proactively notifying IT teams of any current or potential service degradations. AIOps even makes real-time recommendations for performance improvement, including advice on when you should turn on Performance Edge.

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