Call Forwarding Busy


This service enables a user to redirect incoming calls to another destination when the user is busy. A user is considered busy when there are too many active calls or a service makes the user appear busy to the caller (for example, services such as Do Not Disturb or Selective Call Rejection). Just being on the phone is not enough to consider your user busy.

The service can be controlled via the phone, the personal web portal or via feature access codes dialed from the user's device.


How to

Polycom Phone Activation

  1. Simply press the softkey labeled forward.
  2. Press 3 for busy.
  3. Enter the phone number including area code Click the softkey labeled enable.

To Disable

  1. Simply press the softkey labeled forward.
  2. Press 3 for busy. (It reads enabled)
  3. Click the softkey labeled disable.

Web Portal Activation

The service can be activated and deactivated through the personal web portal. When activated, a valid forwarding phone number or URL must be entered.

Feature Access Codes Activation

The service can be activated and deactivated through feature access codes dialed from the user's device.

To activate, the user dials *90, optionally followed by a valid forwarding phone number. The system then plays a confirmation announcement and the user hangs up.

To deactivate, the user dials *91. The system then plays a confirmation announcement and the user hangs up. Feature access codes can also be used from the call control client. For example, the user can enter *90XXXXXXXXXX to activate call forwarding with XXXXXXXXXX being the forwarding number. The system then rings the user's device and plays a confirmation announcement indicating that call forwarding has been activated. In addition, the user can just enter *90 through the call control clients. Then the user's device rings, and when answered, the system prompts for the forwarding number (as described above). The user can also set the call forwarding destination to the voice portal FAC, which is *62 (default value) instead of the voice portal number or extension. The caller rolls to the called party's voice mail box in the Masergy Voice Mail system.

When the user enters the forwarding phone number, the system validates the phone number against the user's calling plans (Outgoing Calling Plan, Outgoing Digit Plan, and Acct/Auth Codes). If the number is not allowed, the user is presented with an audio treatment or an error message.

Call Forwarding Busy to Voice Mail

This feature is set up by default and most likely should not be altered. However, should you want to alter this feature, be aware this is used to enable or disable the handling of incoming calls (by voice mail) when the called user is busy. It can be enabled or disabled via the user's web portal by checking or un-checking the Send Busy Calls to Voice Mail box on the Voice Management web page or via the user's phone by dialing the FAC *40#, and disabled by dialing the FAC #40#. After the FAC is dialed, the system plays a confirmation announcement "Your Voice Mail service is now set to [not] answer calls when you are busy. Thank you." It then releases the call.

When enabled, an incoming call to a busy user is sent to voice mail immediately.

When disabled, the Voice Mail service does not activate for an incoming call to a busy user, and the applicable handling for a busy condition occurs.

Note that this activity does not change the service priorities, and Call Forwarding Busy continues to have higher precedence than Call Forwarding Busy to Voice Mail. These FAC codes allow setting the "busy" option for both Masergy Voice Messaging and Third-Party Voice Mail Support

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