Alternate Numbers


Alternate Numbers (Multiple Numbers per User) service allows a user to have up to ten alternate phone numbers in addition to the user's main phone number. The user can assign one of four distinctive ring patterns for each alternate number and in addition each distinctive ring pattern has a distinctive call waiting tone. A user can be reached through any of the phone numbers. The first number is the main or primary phone number, while the additional ten numbers are the user's alternate or secondary phone numbers. Each alternate phone number can be a direct inward dialing number (DID) or an extension. The alternate numbers must be setup by your administrator and the numbers are read-only to the user.

For each alternate number, the user can associate one of the four ring patterns. All calls to the main number result in the normal ring pattern. Calls to the alternate numbers result in a distinctive ring pattern that corresponds to the number that was used. If a user is busy (and Call Waiting is enabled) an incoming call to the main number results in the usual call waiting tone, while an incoming call to any of the alternate numbers results in a distinctive call waiting tone.

Users can be provisioned with alternate numbers without the main number being provisioned. The user can select whether or not a distinctive ring should be provided when a call arrives on an alternate number, or whether the normal ring (pattern 1) should always be used. The user can assign one of four ring patterns to an alternate number. (However, the support for a distinctive ring pattern depends on the capability of a user's device. If the device does not support a distinctive ring pattern then the normal ring pattern is applied.)

Ring Patterns available:

  • Normal Ring Pattern
  • Distinctive Pattern 2 (Long-Long)
  • Distinctive Pattern 3 (Short-Short-Long)
  • Distinctive Pattern 4 (Short-Long-Short)


How to

In your Web Portal, click on incoming calls and then click Alternate Numbers. Administrators can choose numbers from the drop down menu. Also, Administrators can alter the extension if needed. Finally the user or administrator can choose a distinctive ring pattern if you like.

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