Resource Inventory Reporting

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This service allows a group administrator to generate a report on the resources used in the group and in each department. This capability allows a group administrator to generate reports on the resources used in the group and in each department, and can select the information to be reported. The report is generated dynamically when an administrator submits a request. The report is sent by e-mail to the account provided on the Inventory Report page as an ASCII attachment file and is displayed in separate window in ASCII comma-separated value (CSV) format. The resources reported include:

  • Phone numbers
  • Devices
  • Users and departments
  • Services

Reports are displayed on a web page in CSV format, which can be exported easily to a spreadsheet for sorting and archiving.


How To

To configure inventory reports, the group administrator provides the e-mail address where the report is to be sent, and checks or selects the options for report generation to be included in the report. The following options are offered:

  • Users
  • Services
  • Devices
  • Phone numbers
  • Department

The group administrator submits the form by clicking the View button. The report is generated dynamically and is sent in ASCII CSV format to the specified e-mail address. Also, a window pops up and displays the Resource Inventory Report in ASCII CSV format.

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