Managed SD-WAN


A New Layer of Sophistication ...

Managed SD-WAN is a powerful addition to any hybrid network. Whether you need to enhance application performance and security or intelligently leverage multiple WAN connections for price-performance optimization, Managed SD-WAN delivers the incremental layer of networking capabilities required.


... With No Vendor Lock In

Masergy's Managed SD-WAN is a fully managed service. We handle all design, deployment, maintenance, and continuous monitoring so you can leverage the latest innovations while avoiding vendor lock in.


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Unique Features

  • Embedded Analytics, Service Controls, and Application Reporting
  • Centralized Policy and Configuration Management
  • Multi Active Path designs with Dynamic Path Control
  • Policy-based application routing
  • Adaptive Forward Error Correction
  • 6 Business Intent Overlays directly mapped to existing network CoS
  • Integrated WAN Optimization add-on package


Enhanced Application Performance

Adaptive Forward Error Correction and Real Time Packet Order Correction enhance application performance, especially when leveraging broadband WAN transports. Our integrated WAN Optimization delivers additional enhancements including data de-duplication, compression, caching and TCP/IP acceleration.  

Transport Agnostic

Managed SD-WAN is transport agnostic and can be deployed in conjunction with any combination of Masergy Intelligent Connectivity, Network as a Service, and Managed Broadband. The solution can be used to enhance global hybrid network deployments or deployed natively over broadband Internet connections.



Multi Active Path Designs

Masergy SD-WAN enables sophisticated utilization of multiple WAN connections. Dynamic Path Control provides real-time traffic steering to diverse WAN links and business intent overlays that enhances application performance, maximizes use of available bandwidth, and enables resiliency with fast failover.





One size does not fit all. Mix and match solutions across our multiple deployment platforms to optimize your network architecture by location, application environment, and budget.




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