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Call Accounting

  • What is Masergy Call Reports?

    As a web-enabled application, is seamlessly integrated with Masergy’s Unified Communications service without the need for additional hardware or software. The Call Reports reports are securely stored online, and are available on-demand from anywhere for up to a years. Moreover, selected custom reports may be scheduled to be automatically emailed in .PDF or .CSV file formats to any recipient for easy and timely analysis.

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  • Can Call Reports be configured to automatically generate report?

    Call Reports can be configured to generate reports with predefined report parameters and deliver the reports at defined intervals to any email address.

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  • What is CDR?

    A call detail record (CDR) contains metadata containing data fields that describe a specific instance of a call, but does not include the content of that call. For example, a call detail record describing a particular phone call might include the phone numbers of both the calling and receiving parties, the start time, and duration of that call.

  • What is Call Accounting?

    Call Accounting is search and reporting engine for all CDRs collected in real time. Masergy’s Call Accounting service, Call Reports, allows organizations of any size to analyze inbound, outbound, and intra-office calls to help them better manage usage and increase organizational productivity. Call Analytic’s comprehensive call activity reports are customizable to meet the specific needs of each department manager.

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