Call Pickup and Group Call Pickup


Call Pickup allows users to answer any ringing line within their call-pickup group. A call pickup group is defined by the administrator and is a subset of the users in the group that can pick up each other’s calls. A useful scenario is if Jill works in Accounts Payable with three other people. They all give out their extensions. If a call comes in for Jill and she is away from her desk, then Jack can answer it without having to walk over to her desk, without her having to forward the calls, etc. The admin sets up these four people in a group. Jack dials *98 and answers Jill’s incoming call.

To pick up a ringing call coming to another user of the group, users go off-hook and dial the Call Pickup feature access code (*98), which connects them to the ringing party. If more than one line in the call pickup group is ringing, the call that has been ringing the longest is picked up. Users already engaged in a two-way call can put the first party on hold and dial the Call Pickup feature access code to answer an incoming call to the call pickup group.

The group administrator defines Call Pickup groups through the Group web portal. A single group can have multiple Call Pickup groups defined simultaneously, but a given user can only belong to a single Call Pickup group.