Directed Call Pickup


Directed Call Pickup allows a user to dial a feature access code (*97) followed by an extension, to pick up (answer) a call directed to a user with that extension (in the same customer group). If the ringing party has already answered the call, or if it has no alerting call, or if the dialed extension is invalid, the user receives a reorder treatment. The main feature interactions introduced by this service are described in the following table.

It is not possible to pick up a waiting call. A call must alert the user with ringing to be picked up.

It is possible to pick up a ringing call before the call is forwarded by Call Forward No-Answer (CFNA). Picked up calls are not forwarded by the user picking up the call. It is possible to pick up a blind transferred call.

It is possible to transfer a picked-up call.

How to

To pick up a call using the Directed Call Pickup service, users dial the Directed Call Pickup feature access code, *97 followed by the extension of the ringing party.