Simultaneous Ring


This Simultaneous Ring service enables a user to have multiple numbers ring simultaneously when any calls are received on their phone number. The first destination to be answered is connected. You can also set Answer confirmation on the secondary numbers to keep voicemails in your Masergy voice mailbox.

The Simultaneous Ring service is a user “find-me” service that alerts multiple terminating locations simultaneously. A user can provision up to ten secondary terminating locations (for example, mobile phone, home phone, and MSN Messenger Call Client). When a party calls a Masergy user, service issues simultaneous termination requests to the locations specified. The first location to answer the call is connected to the originating party; all other terminations are released. All calls to secondary locations are subject to the services that apply to these locations. For instance, a call to a busy cell phone may be forwarded to voice mail, thus resulting in the other legs being released (unless you enable Answer confirmation). If all call legs are busy, the caller gets busy processing.

To avoid overwhelming users when they are using their main location, the service can be configured to not alert the secondary locations when the primary location is active on a call. The secondary location can be any valid phone number that is allowed by the Outgoing Calling Plan of the user.

Answer Confirmation allows Simultaneous Ring to prompt the called party to enter a digit to confirm the acceptance of the call. By alerting all destinations until a confirmation digit is received ensures that all of the called party’s numbers are tried before the call is rolled over to a voice mailbox.

How to

The service is configured through the Personal web portal. The user can:

  • Activate or deactivate the service.
  • Enter up to ten secondary phone numbers.

Select whether secondary phone numbers or URL should be alerted while the primary location is active on a call

  1. In the Web Portal, click on Incoming Calls.
  2. Click Simultaneous Ring Personal.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter a phone number and check the box Answer confirmation required.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Turn the service to ON.
  7. Click OK again.

When the user enters a phone number, the system validates the phone number against the user’s calling plans (Outgoing Calling Plan, Outgoing Digit Plan, and Acct/Auth Codes). If the number is not allowed, the user is presented with an error message. The default state for the enhancement, Answer Confirmation on Forking Services, is “Off”. The default state for Simultaneous Ringing Personal is “Off”.